Stoughton redevelopment plan hits snag

A plan to redevelop 10.4 acres along Stoughton’s riverfront may be on hold because a moratorium is blocking the demolition of the Highway Trailer building in the redevelopment area.

According to a story from, if the moratorium remains it could threaten a four-day community planning process scheduled to begin April 30 and possibly force the Redevelopment Authority to revisit the project developer, Tanesay Development. Tanesay was the only developer to submit an application for the master plan developed years ago. It called for the demolition of the Highway Trailer building, as well as other abandoned industrial buildings, to make way for a mix of new residential and commercial buildings.

Since Tanesay does not specialize in historical restoration, it is not interested in moving forward on the project if the Highway Trailer building is saved.

The Stoughton Common Council enacted the moratorium recently with hopes of saving some of Stoughton’s historic buildings. It may now be asked to reconsider the moratorium at a meeting on April 11.