Stoughton ramps up chassis production, hires hundreds

As hefty tariffs are applied to certain Chinese imports, Stoughton Trailers LLC is rebuilding its chassis production line and hiring hundreds of employees, according to a release from the company. The new hires will include assemblers, welders, and supervisors at its Evansville plant as it ramps up the manufacturing of chassis products used to transport intermodal containers. In April, the U.S. International Trade Commission determined that U.S. producers have been materially injured by unfairly traded imports of Chinese chassis.

The U.S. issued a 44.32% countervailing tariff on Chinese chassis and subassemblies for a minimum of five years. Additionally, in a concurrent antidumping duty investigation, the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminarily determined that Chinese producers were dumping chassis and subassemblies into the United States. Commerce is expected to issue its final antidumping duty determination on May 11. Chinese chassis were being sold to U.S. companies for less than the cost of the steel in the frame alone. The cheap imports devastated Stoughton’s chassis production and forced the company to close its Evansville facility for several years until it began to build other products at the facility.