Stoughton Area School District reveals updates on ICS collaborative space

At the Stoughton Area School District Board of Education meeting Monday night, the school district provided progress updates on Innovation Center Stoughton (ICS), according to the Stoughton Courier Hub. ICS is a space that facilitates collaborative efforts between the school district, the city, area businesses, and entrepreneurs.   

ICS was inspired by the success of the Fab Lab at Stoughton High School, a 10-year-old academic and creative space. 

ICS pilot programs include: 

  • Guided Whiteboard, which accommodates teams of five–10 people in defining problems and thinking creatively to reach executable solutions; 
  • EntrePeerNeurs, which provides collaborative mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurs, makers, and small business owners; and 
  • Fab Lab workshops, which focuses on resetting teams facing obstacles or stagnation.