States consider California’s strict new EV standards

Seventeen states with vehicle emission standards tied to rules established in California are considering adopting the state’s strictest-in-the nation new rules that require all new cars, pickups, and SUVs to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035, according to a report from the Associated Press. Under the Clean Air Act, states must abide by the federal government’s standard vehicle emissions standards unless they at least partially opt to follow California’s stricter requirements. Of the states, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Vermont are expected to adopt California’s ban on new gasoline-fueled vehicles. Colorado and Pennsylvania are among the states that are not expected to adopt the new ban. Minnesota and Virginia face a tougher battle to pass the new restriction. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association says its reading of state and federal law is that the new California rules kick in automatically in the state, and it’s making that case in court as it tries to block them. Meanwhile, Republicans are rebelling in Virginia.