State Republicans vote for $125 expenditure to combat PFAS pollution 

Wisconsin Republicans voted Thursday to put $125 million aside to combat pollution from so-called forever chemicals, or PFAS, but delayed a decision on how exactly to spend the money, according to the Associated Press. 

The influx of money to deal with PFAS pollution comes after years of disagreement between Republicans and Gov. Tony Evers on water pollution spending; however, the Republican spending this year would exceed the $107 million that Evers proposed to allow additional statewide water testing, investigation, mitigation, new positions, and grants. 

Republicans heralded the $125 million, calling it a historic investment in the fight against PFAS pollution. Democrats faulted Republicans for not specifying what the $125 million should be spent on, saying they feared it would sit unused or at least delay action. 

The committee approved the spending with all Republicans in support and Democrats opposed. It is working to create the two-year spending plan, which must next be approved by the Senate and Assembly and then signed by Evers. 

The committee is expected to complete its work next month. The budget takes effect in July.