State Rep. Steffen, State Sen. Cowles request $2M to offset costs of hosting 2025 NFL draft 

According to a recent press release, State Rep. David Steffen and State Sen. Robert Cowles have submitted a formal motion requesting that the state allocate $2 million in the biennial budget to offset costs associated with the Green Bay Packers hosting the 2025 NFL Draft. 

The draft is expected to provide a $94 million economic boost to the state, $20 million of which will directly benefit Green Bay. Hosting the draft is estimated to cost the Packers $7.5 million. 

The Packers will contribute roughly $5.5 million through their own funding and the help of partner organizations; the request submitted by Rep. Steffen and Sen. Cowles will garner state funding to cover the remaining balance. 

The draft is expected to draw in roughly 240,000 visitors to Green Bay as well as 54 million viewers nationwide. The effort to secure the $2 million in state funding to offset hosting costs has been supported by numerous lawmakers, as well as local and statewide stakeholders.