State Democrats’ bill would increase private insurance coverage for postpartum mothers, infants 

According to Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Democrats have put forward a bill that would expand private insurance coverage for postpartum mothers and newborn infants.

The bill aims to improve maternal and infant outcomes in the state, which has some of the worst in the nation.

It would require private insurance companies to cover maternity, postpartum, and newborn care at no — or limited — cost with some exceptions. These exceptions include liability insurance, credit-only insurance, and automobile medical payment insurance, among others.

The U.S. has for years had the highest maternal mortality rate compared to other wealthy nations; the rate rose by 40% in 2021 over the previous year. In Wisconsin, over two of every three pregnancy-related maternal deaths occur postpartum, and black mothers in the state are five times more likely to die than white mothers.

Nationwide, 36 states have expanded coverage to 12 months after birth, making Wisconsin a current outlier.

No groups have registered for or against the bill at this point. The proposal has around 30 Democratic co-sponsors and no Republicans.