So Many Travel Apps, So Little Time

Seasoned traveler Nick Topitzes of PC/Nametag compares Madison to the cities he visits - and reports back on his findings.

The iPhone and other smart phones are changing the way we stay in touch. More and more people are leaving their notebooks at home or the office and traveling light — with just their smart phones.

One scary thought, though, is having your travel plans upset by weather and suddenly you are scrambling trying to find new flights and a hotel to stay for the night — but what’s the best weather app? There are over 200,000 apps for the iPhone and most business people don’t have the time to dig through all of the applications to find ones that will work for them.

We found a great site that takes all the travel applications and puts them on one site so that you can determine which ones might be most useful to you. The site is It categorizes the various sites into 23 categories such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, GPS and global maps, sports activities, travel, and even meeting management.

Each category has about 20 applications, so you can quickly see descriptions of some 400-600 websites (if you care to), but most likely you will find the three or four you might want to add to your phone. Imagine being able to go to at 11:00 p.m. when your plane lands at O’Hare and you’ve missed your connection … and the last Van Galder has already left. Pull out your iPhone and do a quick search!

A great tool.

I know we are working on an app for our business to help meeting planners with last-minute orders and I am sure our area convention and visitors bureaus are working on their sites as well. Has your business thought about it? One needs to balance potential revenue with the costs of development, but maybe it is time to take some baby steps.

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