Smile, you're in the IB Gallery!

From the pages of In Business magazine.

Let’s face it, we all love to look at photos — whether through social media outlets like Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook, where we can share and view pictures with friends and family, or through a good gossip magazine or website, where we can check out the latest celebrity snaps. Human beings are curious and nosy by nature, and the Internet has only fueled these flames of curiosity.

Here at IB, we’ve found this out firsthand over the last year and a half since launching our online IB Gallery at To say that the IB Gallery has been a big traffic generator for our website would be a huge understatement! We launched the gallery back in December 2012 to enhance our online offerings, but we had no idea how much traffic it would drive to our website each week.

Why should you care about this? Well, if you are involved with an organization or company that holds events, we can help you get some post-event exposure by adding your event photos to our IB Gallery. However, we need your help in making this happen, so please consider submitting your organization’s or company’s photos by following these four steps:

  1. Contact our online editor, Jason Busch, at before your event takes place and get pre-approval for inclusion in the IB Gallery. This will also allow Jason to get your event on our gallery schedule. IB encourages businesses and nonprofits to participate. We don’t accept photos from private company parties, but we do approve photos from most public, semi-public, and membership events.
  2. Unfortunately, we do not have a staff photographer available to make the rounds, so you will need to make your own arrangements. Professional photographers are great if you have them in your event budgets, but photos taken with a personal digital camera or smartphone are fine, too.
  3. After your event has concluded, select between 20 and 40 of your favorite photos and contact Jason Busch again to coordinate delivery. We will then provide you access to our Dropbox account, where photos can be uploaded to a folder.
  4. Finally, email Jason some basic information about your event — the event name, date, place, and a brief description of 50 words or fewer. (No marketing or sales messages are allowed in this description.)



One final tip: Be sure to snap photos of a variety of people from different perspectives. A few shots of a speaker at a podium go a long way, while photos of people networking are generally the best use of these galleries.

This is a great opportunity for you to drive more professionals to your events or attract more members to your organization, so snap away!

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