Small business group praises Evers

New Gov. Tony Evers has received some praise from a source that’s often critical of elected officials, as the state director of the National Federal of Independent Business applauded him for requesting that a Committee on Entrepreneurs and Innovation be established at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. 

Bill G. Smith, state director for NFIB in Wisconsin, expressed gratitude for Evers' recognition of small businesses and entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs take a huge risk, sometimes leveraging their own home and financial future to start a small business,” notes Smith. “NFIB has conveyed our strong support for the creation of the committee, and has commended Gov. Evers for his focus on small business growth and making small business a priority at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.” 

In calling for the formation of the committee, Evers pointed out that Wisconsin lags behind other states in startup business formation, and he wants to ensure that entrepreneurs and Main Street businesses benefit from economic development funding.

Smith also noted the role small businesses play in job creation. “Small businesses created over 35,000 net new jobs in our state, according to recent data by the Office of Advocacy,” says Smith, “and firms employing fewer than 20 employees experienced the largest gains, adding over 17,000 net jobs.”