Sheboygan Lutherans explore whether free speech applies to Scott Walker supporters, too

Just as some of us suspected, there is another Wisconsin out there and sometimes it visits the Emerald City and speaks out loud. Sometimes that speech is at variance with the local gospel. Then the local inhabitants, used to hearing only themselves talk, are outraged.

Last Thursday, a large contingent of Sheboygan Lutheran high school students visited their state Capitol while in Madison for the WIAA boys state basketball tournament. (Their team ultimately won the title in their division.)

At the Capitol, they encountered the Solidarity Singers, who have been repeating Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie songs of socialism every weekday for the past year. Although it is a regularly scheduled event, they have done so defiantly without permit.

The Sheboygan Lutheran students, happening upon this spectacle, countered by chanting L-H-S, those being the initials of their school, and then cheering Gov. Walker.

Don’t our liberal friends just hate it when the rest of us have the audacity to express our views in the public square?

Well, judging from the outrage on the Left, one would have thought the young people were smoking dope in an illegal, overnight tent city of occupation and trying to paralyze the duly elected Legislature. Oh, wait, that WAS the Left during their Siege of the Capitol.

The liberal Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative reports, “The Solidarity Sing Along remained calm and peaceful throughout the ordeal and eventually moved outside to continue singing while the rotunda erupted in approval.” Ordeal?

Those obnoxious Lutherans!

Sure enough, the bien pensants at “Citizens Media Co-op” were outraged.

One “Greg Gordon” writes: “I don’t think anyone suggests that the students and their chaperones were doing anything other than being obnoxious. They are perfectly free to lean over the railing and taunt retired people, children, teachers, and the other singers.”

Retired people, taunted! Oh, the humanity! Support Walker? How “obnoxious.”

A poster named “Jeff” writes: “Also interesting to see how these parents and teachers at LHS act in much the same way Walker has as governor. They come looking for a fight, and then squeal like stuck pigs when someone slaps them on the nose. Like the Cowardly Lion, they dissemble into tears and snot and whimpering about how unfair it all is; about how they ‘really didn’t MEAN anything’ by their bullying; about how they are just simple little people who are victimized by the big, bad world. … Christians? FEH!”

Looking for a fight? The Madison-based Solidarity people are free to chant anti-Walker slogans, but once-a-year “bullies” from Sheboygan must button their lips, lest they be accused of “looking for a fight”?

Being called a fascist is a Madison rite of passage

A response comes from one “Tyler,” who might be an LHS student. “Is it SUCH a crime to celebrate a victory from the first time LHS has ever been at state? We had a right to be there just as much as the singers were. How do you think some of us feel when we try to live our lives and are being pestered by “Recall Walker” activists? You can’t walk down the block in Madison without being talked to by someone. We weren’t there to be political or anything, we were there to celebrate our team. The singers just happened to be there at the same time.

“Josh” adds, “We were taunting and harassing? I was called a fascist, told my savior was a homosexual, and called ignorant and stupid, all within like, 15 minutes. And we were harassing and taunting? By saying ‘LHS’ and showing our support for our governor? Really?”

Your personal blogger has some experience with this. He organized the Blaska Conservative Tabernacle Choir last June to sing such patriotic songs as “God Bless America,” “The Flintstones,” and the theme from Gilligan’s Island. (That story is recounted here.) I was accused of “looking for trouble.” Why would there be trouble? I countered. I got a permit. But I wasn’t politically kosher.

Here’s how it looked when Sarah Palin, the late Andrew Breitbart, and Vicki McKenna got a permit to speak one much colder day last April.

In connection with the LHS demonstration, Ann of Althouse recounts her harassment from the unionistas: “I was told "WE WILL F*** YOU UP" by people who were going to come to my home to harass me, and given a list of shops and restaurants where these people supposedly worked, and I was no longer permitted to go.”

From the Left, Jeff Simpson vaguely threatens the private school’s tax-exempt status: “I wonder how many millions of dollars of damage they did to the Capitol with this rowdy display? What exactly was the lesson from the Bible that this school was teaching here? Has Glenn Grothman enrolled his kids in Sheboygan Lutheran yet? Maybe someone should look into their ‘non political’ tax-free status.”

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