Scott Walker is a big fat hypocrite on Milwaukee job creation/job losses

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with Republican Gov. Scott Walker, he now wants to blame Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, his Democratic opponent in the June 5 recall election, for job losses in the city of Milwaukee, despite Walker previously taking credit as governor for earlier job gains in the city of Milwaukee:

But it turns out that back in 2011, when Milwaukee was adding jobs along with the rest of the state, the Walker administration took credit for it and chalked it up to his gubernatorial leadership.

Walker is currently up on the air with a spot that shows footage of newscasts proclaiming Milwaukee’s economy in dire straights – and blaming it on tax hikes. “Tom Barrett has failed in Milwaukee for eight years,” the ad says. “Don’t let him take Wisconsin backwards.” A recent ad from the Republican Governors Association made a similar point.

But in the first half of 2011, just after Walker took office, Milwaukee was adding jobs, along with the rest of the state — and the Walker administration rushed to take full credit for it.

“With four straight months of job growth in 2011, metro Milwaukee is reaping the economic benefits of Governor Walker’s successful efforts to improve Wisconsin’s business climate, and make job creation a top priority,” blared a Walker administration press release in May of 2011.

So when Milwaukee was creating jobs back in 2011, Gov. Walker took credit, but once the city of Milwaukee (along with the rest of the state) started losing jobs, Gov. Walker wanted to pass the blame to someone else, in this case Tom Barrett.

If Scott Walker wants to take credit for job creation in Milwaukee earlier in his tenure in office, the least he can do is accept an equal amount of blame for job losses in Milwaukee during that same tenure. After all, it’s mighty hypocritical of Gov. Walker to take credit for positive job growth in Milwaukee while passing the blame for job losses to someone else. If Scott Walker wants to take credit when things go well, then he should be willing to take an equal amount of blame when things go wrong.

Mitt Romney doesn’t deserve credit for Detroit’s recovery

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has some nerve (or a serious lack of a moral compass, or maybe both). Despite famously calling for Detroit to “go bankrupt” in 2008, Romney now wants to take credit for the recovery of Detroit automakers.

“I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done, and help was given, the companies got back on their feet,” Romney told a Cleveland TV station while visiting a local auto plant Monday. “So, I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back.”

While Romney seems to think his call for bankruptcy without government intervention for Detroit automakers merits him getting some credit for Detroit’s recovery, Steve Rattner, the “auto czar” who advised the White House on the auto rescue, told Talking Points Memo, “The idea he deserves credit is preposterous since the op-ed he wrote in 2008 said ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,’ meaning the government should stay out — and that would have been a disaster,” he said. “I just think he’s somewhere out in the ionosphere.”

So there you have it folks…Mitt Romney doesn’t deserve credit for Detroit’s recovery, but he does deserve to be laughed at for trying to take credit for a recovery he had no role in, other than calling for Detroit to go bankrupt.

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