Romney surrogate oblivious to government role in his company’s success

Ken Dragotta, the owner of Systems Engineering and Automation Corporation, has been attacking President Obama here in Wisconsin on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and in his attacks Dragotta has asserted that he and his family are responsible for his company’s success, while denying any role the government may have played.

However, as Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported, Dragotta’s small business has most definitely benefited from the government, or more specifically government contracts.

Dragotta was one of a handful of company men deployed in Wisconsin by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s team to attack President Barack Obama over his recent remark that “if you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Someone else made it happen.” Similar events were held in other battleground states.

“(Obama) was touting the government’s involvement in creating wealth for small-business people, which is 180 degrees opposed to the fact,” Dragotta said last week.

But in his remarks to reporters, Dragotta never mentioned that his small Milwaukee firm had cashed in on a pair of government deals just recently.

Last year, records show, Systems Engineering – a north side firm that makes precision-machined parts – won two U.S. Department of Defense contracts worth more than $175,000.

Both contracts were to provide crankshafts for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, which is responsible for repairing the country’s naval ships and submarines. The first contract was signed in January 2011 for $91,860, and the second a month later for $85,110.

That’s more than pocket change for a firm that employs just four workers.

Clearly government had nothing to do with the success of Kan Dragotta’s business!

Scott Walker’s $30,000 dye job

What an absolute waste of taxpayer money…

The lake that’s home to the long-running Tommy Bartlett ski show has gone from pea green to a more aesthetically-pleasing color.

Five-hundred gallons of dye bought with nearly $30,000 in taxpayers’ money has turned the 267-acre Lake Delton to a tranquil, tourist-attracting aqua-blue.

Apparently in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin there’s simply no money to spend to fund our university and technical college systems, but apparently there’s plenty of money to spend on giving lakes a dye job to change their color to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

The Red-Ink Republicans

This is worth spending a few minutes reading.

In the 35 years following World War II, (some) Republicans and (mostly) Democrats steadily and responsibly reduced government debt from 130% to 45% of GDP. (And worth noticing: that 130% figure preceded two decades of the fastest prosperity growth in American history.)

Then came 1980. The Reagan/Republican revolution. Aside from a brief respite under Clinton, government debt has been heading rapidly north ever since.

Debt was reduced under every president since World War II, with three exceptions: Reagan, Bush, and Bush. (And Obama, who had the numerator, GDP, pulled out from under him before he even set foot in the oval office.)

Eighty years of history tells us one thing for certain: if you want to get debt under control, don’t rely on the Red-Ink Republicans.

It’s important to note that our nation’s budget deficit and national debt increased tremendously under Republican President Ronald Reagan, who for some reason has become the “patron saint” of today’s Republican Party despite his proven history of fiscal irresponsibility.

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