Report shows health care among major concerns for Wisconsinites 

According to a year-long study conducted by the conservative Institute for Reforming Government, Wisconsinites have significant concerns about health care, including declining mental health, access to care, and addiction issues, the Capital Times reports. 

The organization compiled a report called “What Wisconsin Wants” after holding 42 listening sessions in 25 communities statewide. The report includes concerns from each group as well as proposed policy solutions, and it is accompanied by a poll conducted by Morning Consult last month. 

The poll findings included 89% of Wisconsin voters see drugs and addiction as a significant or somewhat significant problem, with 85% saying the same about health care, 83% regarding mental health, and 80% regarding child care costs. Additionally, just 11% of state voters trust the federal government, as compared to 22% nationally, and 18% trust the state government, as compared to 29% across the U.S. 

The report includes sections devoted to the concerns of specific groups, including farmers, manufacturers, public and charter school teachers, veterans, college students, retailers, realtors, and entrepreneurs.