Redesigned Metro Transit system sees smooth rollout 

The Metro Transit system redesign rolled out Sunday and Monday in Madison saw no major issues, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. The redesign represented the city bus system’s most significant change in 25 years.

The change shifted the system’s coverage to focus more on the city’s main arteries to deliver more frequent and consistent service; that means longer walks for some to reach a bus stop.

Around 50 ride guides dressed in neon yellow aided passengers in multiple locations Sunday and Monday, and further assistance was offered via a call center.

A few routes ran behind between assisting passengers and navigating construction-laden routes. The call center’s usual 350–400 daily calls jumped to about 600 on Sunday and 1,160 by 4 p.m. Monday, but according to Metro employees, most callers sought to request information, not lodge complaints.

The north, east, and west transfer points are now closed. The south transfer point remains a connection site currently, but all transfer points will ultimately be dismantled. Additional service has been provided to Sun Prairie, and service to Middleton and Fitchburg has been modified.