Red Shed relocation possible following building purchase by Wando’s owner

Jay Wanserski, owner of Madison bar Wando’s on 602 University Ave., has bought the building next door that houses the 54-year-old Red Shed, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Red Shed owner Lynn Dieffenbach is looking to relocate to one of two State Street locations, on the 500 and 300 blocks, respectively. She has stated her intent to make few changes to the bar when it moves to a new location; a bigger kitchen and expanded food menu are possibilities.

Wanserski intends to renovate once the Red Shed’s lease has expired on Sept. 30. The plans include a redone kitchen area, outdoor seating, and a remodel that will double the size of the women’s washrooms.

The initial work will begin Oct. 1 to ready the property for UW–Madison’s homecoming the following weekend, and remodeling will commence after graduation weekend in May 2024.