PSC approves new EV charging programs

The Public Service Commission voted unanimously to approve three new Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) electric vehicle charging programs for fleet managers, homeowners, and apartment tenants, according to a Wisconsin State Journal report. The programs are expected to lower the cost for consumers while helping MGE prepare for emerging technology.

The first program invites customers to enjoy lower rates in exchange for agreeing to let the utility study and manage loads by shifting charging times, interrupting charging, or reducing power. The second program would install up to 50 remotely managed charging stations at office and apartment buildings. Building owners pay $1.22 to $1.58 per day for the equipment and drivers will use credit cards to pay for the electricity they use. A third program allows MGE to install up to 15 remotely managed charging stations per year for business customers to charge their fleet vehicles. 

MGE projects that the number of EVs on the nation’s roads could jump from 1.5 million in 2020 to as many as 35 million by the end of the decade.