Present while absent

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It has been several weeks since I've written a blog posting for the Web Chef's Cafe. Some of you may know that one reason for this deficiency is that while I've been absent in writing a blog posting, I've been present in a new role at In Business as the new digital media publisher.

This expanded role has meant that time spent learning new processes, procedures, tools, and expectations has kept me away from my monthly blog posting. Getting to this role has taken me on a journey from being an avid reader of the print publication – to being a source for the In Business editorial team – to being a blogger with the monthly Web Chef's Cafe – to being a regular on In Business with Jody & Joan – to my role as a consultant in the redevelopment of the IBMadison site – to joining Jody and her team as the new digital media publisher at In Business.

This new role is giving me the opportunity to work with the IBMadison team to further develop and integrate our digital media properties, including our flagship website, our weekly IB Update (here's a recent issue), our biweekly IBTV Inside Peek and Coffee Break video series, our In Business with Jody & Joan series of radio shows (broadcast weekdays on WTDY 1670 AM from 6-7 p.m. and released as podcasts at our radio site), our YouTube channel, our LinkedIn strategy, our Twitter strategy and tactics @ibmadison, and our Facebook page.

As the digital media publisher, I'm getting my arms around the various content assets that we publish from internal and external sources and how best to leverage these across time and across channels to support our goals and those of the Wisconsin business community. I'm excited by what I've found as I look at these various assets and analyze who, what, where, when, and how they are being used across our various channels. We continue to benchmark against other local, regional, and national digital business media as part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve our digital properties for the visitor, user, and advertiser. These benchmarks show we've made progress, but that we also have a ways to go in capitalizing on the ever-changing digital media universe.

If you haven't explored and connected with In Business through these many channels, I encourage you to do so. If you have suggestions on how we can make these more valuable for you and your objectives, I encourage you to e-mail me, direct message me on Twitter, or give me a call at 608-204-9655, ext 23.

For insights on the Madison business community and for news on small businesses, please follow us @ibmadison. For more on the latest tips, techniques, and resources on e-business and marketing, you can follow me @thewebchef.


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