Preliminary Lake Monona Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee vote favors Sasaki design  

The Wisconsin State Journal published an update today following survey results that confirmed Denver-based Sasaki’s Lake Monona waterfront redesign is the favorite of over 2,000 Madison residents. The design has now emerged as the frontrunner among three finalists that went before the Lake Monona Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee.    

The firm averaged 82.5 points out of 100, with 12 of 13 Ad Hoc Committee members ranking Sasaki’s “Voices of the Lake” first in a preliminary vote. The design emphasizes green infrastructure, implementing a rain garden, wetlands, and a habitat for amphibians among other features. The design was also praised for the diversity of activities it could offer to visitors and attention to the lake’s health, both county priorities for the project.   

In addition, “Voices of the Lake” would divide the area between Olin Park and Williamson Street into four districts, each providing visitors with a different experience, from updated bicycle and foot paths to a new bridge system. 

Scores and rankings can be revised ahead of a final vote by the committee, which will take place on May 8.