Bang ideas can be daring too

The history of advertising is filled with cases of derring-do, but one campaign saved a dying brand by making a daring point about, well, the experience associated with maintaining an attractive “do.” Hairdo, that is.

While the Aflac duck is an example of thinking outside the box to create brand awareness where there was practically none, the Kaplan Thaler Group’s groundbreaking “Yes, Yes, Yes” commercials for Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo saved a longstanding brand that was in danger of being pulled from the shelves.

Madison entrepreneur takes to TV to save the world

Amber Swenor is a cast member on season two of 4 Days to Save the World, a new social entrepreneurship reality TV show.

Imagine being tasked with coming up with a solution to one of society’s greatest problems, and then being told you have just four days to save the world. Sounds daunting, and maybe something you’d need a little help to solve, right? Say, a team? It also sounds like great TV.

2021 Lifetime Achievement Executive of the Year: Don Wahlin

In lieu of an in-person Executive of the Year Award reception this year due to COVID-19, In Business magazine conducted video interviews with each of our 2021 award recipients to learn about their proudest accomplishment in 2020, their greatest leadership lesson, their insights on COVID-19’s lasting impacts, and more.