Photography Contest Winners Announced!

The response to our first photo contest was so impressive (both the quality and the quantity) that we have decided to make it a monthly offering! When you see the winning photos, you’ll see why, and you are invited to send your photos in, too — enough so that we can get a fair sense of your work.

The rules are simple: send me four photos per entry. We want four so we know that it wasn’t one lucky shot — and if you win with more than one photo in our “Top 10,” you know you’ve got it — an artistic eye! But enough words, already: Here are our top 10 photos — ranked in order — for June, as judged by four IB staff members who did not know who submitted which photo — it was a completely “blind” review, as they had no identification of the photos or photographers beyond the name given each photo by the photographer. (Before you download any of these, we’ve provided a link to the photographer so you can ask permission — assume these are copyright protected.)


“Monkey in the Rain” by Beth Prochaska,


“Monona Terrace” by Julie Vike,



“A Time of Healing” by Jenny Kratzke,



“Baobob Tree” by Beth Prochaska,



“Totally at Odds” by Jenny Kratzke,



“Girl and Llama” by Ed Sobczak,



“Balance of Old and New” by Jenny Kratzke,



“December ’09 Snow” by Kevin Santulis,



“A Study in the Blues” by Ed Sobczak,


“Three Generations” by Ed Sobczak,

Congrats to all of our winners. Now you see the advantage of sending four photos — we do have clusters of “photographers,” and by the way, none of the winners are professionals who do it for a living! We had other entries from other photographers, and you should know that a photo of Carlos Santana taken in a local music shop didn’t win, so the subject of the photo (no matter how cute your kid is) won’t take it unless its artistic value is also obvious (one of the judges is, in fact, an art director with influence).

Got a photo you think could complete with these? Even if it’s your best photo, send it in with three duds just to get it in front of us, because we do want four per entry — so we can find that person who stands out with multiple winners, like Ed Sobczak and Jenny Kratzke, who each took three wins out of 10! Send four photos by e-mail to and join the fun! Next winners will be posted in July. Enter every month!

Also, back by popular demand — 60-word stories. Have a little story that is exactly 60 words, including title? Submit it! We’ll be showcasing those in our August e-zines right here, in “After Hours.”

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