Parisi presents $52M AEC plan

With the Dane County Board already moving forward with a market study and master plan for the Alliant Energy Center campus, County Executive Joe Parisi brought forward a $52 million plan that would touch just a 3.7 acre swath of the AEC’s grounds. Parisi is a proponent of lower-cost improvements for the aging campus, and against the sweeping overhaul being considered by the board.

Parisi is touting a plan from Minneapolis-based AB Moten Corp. for three 10-story buildings plus a 14-story building that would include 352 apartments and retail space. AB Moten would rent the land from the county for $322,340 per year in a 99-year lease. No public funding would be requested.

The board has authorized a market study and master plan for a $455 million to $507 million concept involving the entire 164-acre area, including a new arena, retail, dining, and a hotel district. The public’s portion of that would be about $117 million.