Parade shooter contemplated shooting in Madison

The man charged with killing seven people at a parade in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4 fled to Madison where he contemplated another shooting, according to a report from the Associated Press. The assailant had ditched the semi-automatic rifle he used in Illinois, but he had another, similar rifle and about 60 more rounds with him. He said he decided he was not prepared to pull off another attack in Madison. The accused killer then returned to Illinois and was arrested and charged. The shooting in Highland Park left seven people dead and more than two dozen people wounded, some critically. Hundreds of marchers, parents, and children fled in a panic at the scene.

A statement from Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said the department is waiting for more information about the case from law enforcement partners. It said that the “Madison Police Department has recognized this concern for years, has trained for these incidents, and has adjusted our staffing of large events accordingly.”

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway wrote, “Here in Madison — and in cities across the country — we are doing what we can to control illegal guns, hold people accountable for gun violence, and invest in violence interruption and prevention.” Rhodes-Conway added that communities need the help of Congress to protect their citizens.