Overture offers families indoor entertainment and activity at Kids in the Rotunda

Kids in the Rotunda presents four local performance groups on Overture Center’s Rotunda stage next month, including returning favorites Monkey Business Institute and Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble as well as newly featured groups/artists Panchromatic Steel and L.E.X.

The Rotunda Café will be open during shows to offer coffee, juice, and snacks for sale with part of the proceeds benefiting Overture Center for the Arts.

A livestream option will be available once a month. Visit the Overture’s Kids in the Rotunda webpage for updates.

January Kids in the Rotunda lineup:

Saturday, Jan. 7 – Monkey Business Institute
Specializing in interactive improv comedy, the Monkey Business Institute works with the audience to create the fun all while teaching valuable lessons about teamwork, listening, storytelling, emoting, pantomime, and how to use you mind and body to express your creativity.

Saturday, Jan. 14 – Panchromatic Steel
Panchromatic Steel has blazed an entirely new trail in the city’s music scene, fusing island styles with pop hits, rock, and jazz into a high-energy blend that is hard to categorize but easy to love.

Saturday, Jan. 21 – Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble
Limanya Drum & Dance Ensemble performs traditional music and dance from Guinea, West Africa.

Saturday, Jan. 28 – L.E.X.
L.E.X. (also known as “Mr. Alexis”) is a clean hip-hop artist, author, poet, DJ, and educator from Milwaukee.