Overture announces exhibits, Latino Art Fair

Overture Center for the Arts announced the spring/summer 2022 cycle of exhibits in Galleries I, II, and III running through Sunday, Sept. 4 with the Playhouse Gallery exhibit running from Tuesday, May 3 through Sunday, Aug. 28. Announced exhibits are:

  • Gallery I: Iridescent Windows by Lelia Byron and Luisa Fernanda García-Gómez — Unearthed maps revealing iridescent windows into the artists’ inner selves;
  • Gallery II: Liquid Holes by Bunny Attack and Karolina Romanowska — A look into intimate human emotions with anthropomorphic surrealism;
  • Gallery III: Fictive Realities by Taj Matumbi and Allison Uselman — An investigation of visual storytelling with two-dimensional media; and
  • Playhouse Gallery: Life As We Don’t Know It — An exploration of the limits of what both scientists and artists consider “life.”

Overture will also host the Latino Art Fair on Saturday, May 7, from 4–6 p.m. in the Promenade Terrace and Promenade Hall.