Out come the knives … but they’re pretty dull

From my email inbox comes this:

SHEBOYGAN – Former Democratic State Assembly candidate Asher Heimermann is calling upon Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate to resign Wednesday.

“We intend to bring pressure to force out Mike Tate for his leadership and structural failures at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin,” Heimermann said. “Due to his failed leadership, Tate caused Mayor Tom Barrett and four State Senate Democratic candidates to lose tonight.”

AsherPAC has launched a Facebook Page to call for a new direction at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin at www.facebook.com/rebuildtheparty.

The press release sent out by Heimermann was sent out literally minutes after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett conceded the gubernatorial recall election to Gov. Scott Walker, and despite attempts to contact Heimermann to find out how exactly he feels Mike Tate caused Tom Barrett and three (not four) Democratic State Senate candidates to lose their elections, but he did not respond to my emails.

For the record, I do think there’s plenty of room for Democrats/liberals/progressives to do some self-examination about how we can move forward and what lessons can be learned from Tuesday’s results, but I’m not sure that scapegoating solves anything.

Death threats against Gov. Walker? Really?!?

Today’s TMJ4 is reporting Republican Gov. Scott Walker has received death threats after prevailing in Tuesday’s gubernatorial recall election.

Obviously I’m no fan of Gov. Walker, but it goes without saying that violence – or threats of violence – are not only wildly inappropriate (and obviously criminal), but absolutely deplorable. I hope those responsible are held accountable, because death threats – or any threats of violence, for that matter – have no place in a civilized democracy.

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