Opportunity Knocks: Send a Web Link

We're all in this economic situation together, and we've all heard the message that it's a chance to "refocus" to find a series of opportunities to change how we do business.

Here's an IB offer to help you get started (and/or motivated) with one opportunity.

  • Send us your Website link (e-mail it to me at jodyp@magnapubs.com). Put the Web address in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, put the company name, your name and title, and your phone number. That's all I need — easy as I could make it.
  • Two experts will review the Web site.
  • IB will be notified by the experts of those sites which do something well, with tips from insights as to why they are effective designs.
  • IB will use those examples to create a May feature story: "10 Ways to Improve Your Web site's Performance" — using screen captures of those sites as illustrations of good online marketing or business tools, with the expert's evaluations included.
  • This is a way to share what you do right, and it will cost you nothing to learn what you are doing that captures the positive nod of our judges.
  • As a bonus, you can elect to learn what isn't great about your site, too, if you want a formal review. However, that would involve a payment to one of our experts — it's not part of the story we're doing. IB is a pro-business resource tool; we don't want to use you as an example of what not to do.

Why would you choose to participate in our Web story? We're celebrating area business expertise, and just as you'd like good examples to follow, someone else likely could benefit from following your lead. The rising tide floats all the boats. We're all teachers and learners.

I'd like to have about 20 examples of good work. Some might be chosen as models for easy navigational layouts, others for the quality of their content, others for their "mobility," and still others for things that go far beyond my Web jargon. That's why we have experts standing by, ready to help and to applaud your company's site performance.

From this platform, IB will offer even more chances to have your work reviewed. We'll be looking at employee manuals, interviewing questions, supply chain management, strategic plans, and board composition. And in every case, we'll look to our business community for examples of how to do it best.

Best practices. It's proactive, not reactive, and optimistic rather than pessimistic. Something we all could use a little more of these days. (You might notice that we've chosen to open our Business Report now with good news, too, tempered with "suck it up".)

In April, you'll also have something to look forward to that's refreshing. In Business magazine is undergoing a redesign. You'll find our "new look" more reader-friendly, easy to navigate and visually pleasing. We won't give you lots of clutter (promise). We'll keep it simple and make each section of the magazine even easier to read and enjoy at work.

Then, this summer, you'll enjoy our new line of Web resources. ForteMadison.com, our sister publication for young adults, will be joining us at our Web site. You'll be able to access both content banks from one address, and still also have direct access to our directories, surveys, and radio programming.

Meanwhile, we are beginning a series of focus groups and reader surveys to give you opportunities to tell us what would be most helpful to you. Because we're in this together.