Oliv to provide low-income apartments, address ongoing campus housing crisis

According to the Badger Herald, Oliv Apartments located on the corner of State Street and Gorham will be opening for students to rent this coming fall, with 10% of its units at a 40% cost reduction prioritized for low-income students. The reduced-cost housing program was created through a deal with the city, allowing for the addition of two stories to the building and an exception to the current height limit for buildings around the Capitol.

The Oliv building will add 386 units of housing to the downtown area with 110 beds for low- to moderate-income students. The building provides affordable student housing in the campus area and addresses the ongoing Madison housing issue at large. A Land Usage Requirement Agreement between developers and the city will guarantee reduced cost apartments at Oliv, and the contract will remain in place for the building regardless of future sale.