Obey the law — what chilling advice!

The Onion once printed a teaser headline: “War torn Beirut — would bombing help?”

Say the same for riot-torn, violence-plagued Baltimore. Would putting some of the police in jail and cameras on the others help? Quick, more taxpayer money!

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are sputtering excuses, inventing new villains, and dealing the race card with even greater promiscuity. They blame indefinable “white privilege” for black failure. Police — no matter their race — are now occupying armies of repression. The jails must be emptied because every gangbanger is guilty only of “crimes of poverty.”

Pretty poor provender after 50 years of Great Society redistribution, federal mandates, and an alphabet soup of well-meaning programs. Today, America has more intractable poverty, fewer intact families, worse public schools, less hope, and more lawlessness — symbolized by Baltimore. Ah, yes! Body cameras are the answer! Every Sandtown will be transformed into a Georgetown. Cocktails at 7.


Race hustlers like Al Sharpton want to blame race — except that Baltimore’s mayor, district attorney, police commissioner, and the majority of its city council are people of color. As is the president of the United States and his attorney general. So, for that matter, are three of the six police officers accused of mistreating Freddie Gray while in custody.

On the Isthmus online forum, your avuncular squire is accused of being a “white supremacist” for suggesting that Baltimore has lessons for Madison. Those lessons? The value of parenting, young men need adult guidance, and when police step back the crazies step up. Well, break out the white sheets and burn the crosses!

Fix the police!

An apologist for urban decay has taken your amiable squire to task for proposing a change in direction. The site is called “Blogging Blue.” I know, I’m give it more eyeballs, but we need to know the handmaidens of societal decay. It reads:

“In his most recent harangue against the Black Lives Matter movement, titled ‘Madison can smell Baltimore’s Smoke,’ the caustically and faux avuncular David Blaska sings the praises of the Baltimore mother caught on camera swatting her teenage son in an effort to keep him from joining the riots. Blaska writes that the woman, Toya Graham, is “mother of the year” for telling news people that she doesn’t want her son to be another Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died after injuries sustained while in police custody, sparking the Baltimore riots. Then Uncle Dave pens this chilling bit of advice: ‘Obey the law as a survival strategy.’”

Obey the law? That’s “chilling advice”?

Blogging Blue: “Implicit in Blaska’s advice is the acknowledgment that if young black men want to stay alive, they need to stay out of police custody.”

I responded that the courts will sort out culpability in Baltimore. That is as it should be, and as it should be in Madison, where Young and Foolish has pre-judged the police officer as guilty without trial. Whether Madison, Baltimore, or the federal District of Columbia, what does disobeying the law get you? It gets you arrested, handcuffed, wrestled to the ground, restricted to electronic monitoring, fined, jailed, imprisoned, shot, injured, and also ruins your job prospects.

Beyond all that, breaking the law hurts other people. It hurts the person you robbed, stabbed, shot, vandalized, terrorized, beat, threw stones at, sold heroin to, or otherwise disadvantaged; all the little children caught in the cross fire; honest folks who are charged higher prices to compensate for your shoplifting; and store owners whose shops are burned to the ground. High crime areas = high victim areas. Disobeying the law brings NO good results.

Of course, I did not restrict this advice to people of any one race. It applies to everyone. Only to a liberal could “obey the law” be a controversial life strategy. For, in truth, if young black men want to stay alive, they should get out of Baltimore itself, or Chicago, or anyplace else where young black men are killing other young black men.

As the Washington Post concluded, “the rate of black homicide victims and offenders were disproportionately represented compared to the general population, the 2011 BJS report found. The black victimization rate (27.8 per 100,000) was six times higher than the white victimization rate (4.5 per 100,000). Black offending rate (34.4 per 100,000) was almost eight times higher than whites (4.5 per 100,000).”



Waiting for Superman

The president gamely tried to blame Congress for not enacting this or that nostrum. But the city of Baltimore received over $1.8 billion from President Barack Obama’s stimulus law, including $467.1 million to invest in education and $26.5 million for crime prevention. (More here.) Would more money help?

Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post on the failures of 48 years of big government rules:

In the Baltimore community of Sandtown-Winchester, where the riots took place, The Post reported on Saturday that city officials “injected $130 million into the community in a failed effort to transform it. Instead there are block after block of boarded-up houses and too many people with little hope.” …

The problem, as former Baltimore Housing commissioner Daniel Henson III told The Post, was that the city knew how to build houses, but “what we did not know as well was how to improve human capital.”

The community’s murder rate is double the average for Baltimore (which, in turn, had the fifth-highest murder rate last year among major U.S. cities). …

Baltimore public schools ranked third in the country in per-pupil spending, behind only New York and Boston. Yet …  55 percent of Baltimore fourth graders scored “below basic” in reading.

Waiting for someone else to improve your life? Then you’ve already failed.

“The ‘legacy of slavery’ argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos. In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that vision, over the past half century,” writes Stanford economist Thomas Sowell, as recorded at TownHall.

“… You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”

It’s time to take ownership.

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