Obama’s post-Ferguson legacy: police stand down; young bullies rough up teachers

Ferguson burned because of a lie while the president blamed the police. Uniformed officers in Baltimore are standing down. Progressive Madison dotes on Young, Gifted and Black and makes a drug-abusing ex-felon into a martyr, while Chief Mike Koval and his dedicated force twist in the wind.

At the third Republican presidential debate this week, Chris Christie recalibrated the proper level of outrage:

You want to talk about moral authority. Let’s talk about something that happened this week in the news. You know, the FBI director, the president’s appointed FBI director has said this week that because of a lack of support from politicians like the president of the United States, that police officers are afraid to get out of their cars; that they’re afraid to enforce the law. And he says — the president’s appointee — that crime is going up because of this.

And when the president of the United States gets out to speak about it, does he support police officers? Does he stand up for law enforcement? No, he doesn’t. I’ll tell you this; the number one job of the president of the United States is to protect the safety and security of the American people. This president has failed, and when I’m in the Oval Office police officers will know that they will have the support of the president of the Untied States. That’s real moral authority that we need in the Oval Office.

It’s what I wanted Scott Walker to say. And in Madison, the mayor, the common council, community leaders, and the news media bow and scrape to the race demagogues but leave the bully pulpit empty when Police Chief Mike Koval asks for public support or when one of his sworn officers is roughed up by the mob.

‘A chill wind is blowing’

If not president, Chris Christie for attorney general! Here’s a synopsis of FBI Director James Comey’s Oct. 23 speech at the University of Chicago Law School:

Far more people of color are being killed in America’s cities this year and it’s not the cops doing the killing … Most of America’s 50 largest cities have seen an increase in homicides and shootings this year … Milwaukee’s murder rate has nearly doubled … And who’s dying? Police chiefs say the increase is almost entirely among young men of color, at crime scenes in bad neighborhoods …

Are officers answering 9-1-1 calls but avoiding the informal contact that keeps bad guys from standing around, especially with guns? I spoke to officers privately in one big city precinct who described being surrounded by young people with mobile phone cameras held high, taunting them the moment they get out of their cars. They told me, ‘We feel like we’re under siege and we don’t feel much like getting out of our cars.’

A chill wind is blowing through American law enforcement over the last year and that wind is surely changing behavior.

Where does it start? In the schools. The same party that reflexively opposes education reform also enables the breakdown of discipline in our schools.



‘Discipline in our schools is out of control'

Liberal social media is roiling over an incident in a Columbia, S.C., high school where a school “resource officer” tossed a misbehaving female student to the floor. (Yes, race is involved.)

A Charleston, S.C., television news editorial called “Brenda’s Last Word” gets to the heart of the matter:

Officer Fields was unprofessional but the discipline problem in our schools is out of control. … Our outrage is rooted in our naiveté about what actually goes on in our schools all the time … just about any teachers in a big city public school will tell you that … kids have no respect for authority and when the kids get aggressive, the teacher has no power to do anything about it and the students know that. … They have no incentive to follow orders.

Teachers and those students truly trying to learn are burdened every single day with the albatross of disrespectful, mouthy, misbehaving kids. … It’s a war out there and the teachers are losing.

Teachers at Madison public schools are victims of the same liberal gloss — but not as victimized as the children who sincerely want to succeed. The Capital Times recounts why one veteran teacher is giving up:

“I’m seeing behaviors on a regular basis that I haven’t seen in 20 years of teaching,” Bush said. Some of this alarming conduct included students swearing at teachers, kicking trash cans, walking out of class, and kids wandering the hallways and in and out of classrooms, she said.

… The lack of consistent response and consequences for violating rules has taught students there are no real consequences, Bush adds.

As the Squire recounted in May:

The chaos is the result of the all-liberal Madison school board’s “Behavior Education Plan,” the euphemism for a school discipline policy that does not require discipline. Seems the problem, if such it was, was that too many children of color were being suspended and expelled. Sound familiar? Isn’t that what Young and Foolish are claiming about the population of jail inmates?

Call the roll

The problem is so widespread that state legislation is being drafted to factor in criminal activity into DPI’s annual Wisconsin school report cards. The legislation is proposed by State Rep. John Jagler, R-Watertown.

•   Student slams principal to cafeteria floor in a Sacramento school. Three school employees received minor injuries. Roll ‘em, Lester.

•   66-year-old teacher pushed to the floor at a Texas high school, May 2014. The video.

•   62-year-old Patterson, N.J., teacher attacked after confiscating a cell phone. The teacher doesn’t fight back, for fear of retribution — by school authorities. Video and reaction.

Platinum bonus subscriber tripe

•   Quote of the week: “Again and again the crowd of conservatives cheered as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and others power-bombed the press.” — Dean Obeidallah for CNN on CNBC’s GOP presidential debate.

•   Larry Kaufmann says, “I would like to see the Democrats agree to a debate in Boise, Idaho, moderated by Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O'Reilly. It would be less biased and more substantive than CNBC's clown show [Wednesday] night.”

•  Scientists now say that even if you stop eating processed meat you’re still going to die.

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