November 2011 Court Filings

Filings for Civil Money Judgments & Claims for Liens

Dane County businesses and employers with total judgments or liens of $1,000 and greater as listed in the November 2011 issue of In Business magazine. Listings include debtor, city, amount, creditor, date, and type of case.

  • 1634 Baker Ave, LLC, Madison, $12,625, Suburban Drywall, Inc., 9/6/11 (CL).
  • 1634 Baker Ave, LLC, Madison, $7,950, Suburban Insulation, Inc., 9/6/11 (CL).
  • AB Electric of Southern Wisconsin, Inc., Cambridge, $1,700, Badger Sheet Metal, LLC, 9/19/11 (SC).
  • ACE Auerswald Custom Exteriors, LLC, Stoughton, $1,556, DWD, 9/21/11 (UC).
  • ADD Partners, LLC, Cottage Grove, $17,764, DWD, 9/8/11 (UC).
  • BARC, Inc., Verona, $15,401, Wisconsin Power & Light Co., 9/26/11 (CV).
  • Benchmark Classics, LLC, Middleton, $17,844, DWD, 9/28/11 (UC).
  • Benchmark Classics, LLC, Middleton, $579,187, Johnson Bank, 9/22/11 (CV).
  • Birch Environmental, Inc., Madison, $3,249, First Weber Group, 9/20/11 (SC).
  • BJK Construction, Inc., Cambridge, $21,570, Commercial Recovery Authority, Inc., 9/15/11 (CV).
  • BJK Construction, Inc., Cambridge, $19,326, Kendzierski, David, dba ARC Design, 9/22/11 (TJ).
  • Boley Tree & Landscape Care, Inc., Middleton, $26,219, Ameritech Publishing, Inc., 9/22/11 (CV).
  • Burns & Brown, LLC, Madison, $1,398, DWD, 9/27/11 (UC).
  • Bursac, Mirjanna, aka Die Even, LLC, Madison, $3,875, DWD, 9/13/11 (WC).
  • Center for Cosmetic Dentistry SC, nka Styles Dentistry, Middleton, $27,567, Henry Schein, Inc., 9/23/11 (CV).
  • CTI Satellite & Sound, Inc., DeForest, $10,310, Ameritech Publishing, Inc., 9/26/11 (CV).
  • DTL Holdings, LLC, Fitchburg, $21,067, DWD, 9/12/11 (UC).
  • E&A Contractors and Supply, LLC, Madison, $25,783, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).
  • Earthscapes, Inc., Marshall, $18,505, DWD, 9/29/11 (UC).
  • Extreme Franchise Corp., Madison, $3,571, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).
  • Fitchburg Plumbing, Inc., Madison, $17,310, DWD, 9/12/11 (UC).
  • GAD, Inc., DeForest, $3,153, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).
  • GDS Marketing, LLC, Madison, $5,488, DWD, 9/14/11 (UC).
  • Gillham Drywall Systems, LLC, Sun Prairie, $15,849, DWD, 9/19/11 (UC).
  • Grover Builders, Inc., Oregon, $64,121, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank, 9/21/11 (CV).
  • Harbor Advantage, LLC, McFarland, $4,403, DWD, 9/16/11 (UC).
  • Holmes Custom Construction, Inc., Sun Prairie, $33,600, Millwork Specialists of Wisconsin, Inc., 9/12/11 (CV).
  • Home Casual, LLC, Fitchburg, $1,750,000, DWS International, dba Marble Dimensions Worldwide, 9/26/11 (FJ).
  • Infinit, LLC, Waunakee, $21,737, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).
  • JC Enterprise of WI, Inc., aka John Johns Rib House, Marshall, $4,645, DWD, 9/30/11 (WC).
  • Kalvin, James S., dba Applied Physical Resources Corp., Madison $30,950, Capital One Bank USA NA, 9/19/11 (CV).
  • Kaski & Associates, LLC, Sun Prairie, $17,650, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).
  • KMR Media Partners, Inc., McFarland, $50,095, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank, 9/26/11 (CV).
  • Laser Assoc. of Rockford, LLC, Monona, $16,090, DWD, 9/15/11 (UC).
  • Lopez, Fidel Bernabe, dba Lopez Drywall, Sun Prairie, $4,875, West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., 9/8/11 (SC).
  • Mad City Landscape, LLC, Madison, $6,644, DWD, 9/8/11 (UC).
  • Martinez Custodial Services, Inc., Madison, $6,802, DWD, 9/26/11 (UC).
  • New Flooring Services, LLC, McFarland, $20,757, DWD, 9/15/11 (UC).
  • Next Step Drywall Services, Inc., Madison, $6,263, Munoz, Ruben, dba R. Munoz Drywall, LLC, 9/28/11 (SC).
  • Noblelogic, LLC, Monona, $15,221, DWD, 9/13/11 (UC).
  • Orpheum of Madison, Inc., Madison, $1,678, DWD, 9/13/11 (UC).
  • Pete's Bobcat Service, Inc., Windsor, $26,593, Capital One Bank USA NA, pka Capital One Bank, 9/7/11 (CV).
  • Pete's Plumbing Service, LLC, Madison, $8,399, Rundle Spence Mfg. Co., 9/15/11 (TJ).
  • Rake, Diane, and Rake, Tom, dba Rake Genetics, Waunakee, $21,010, Big Gain Wisconsin, LLC, 9/13/11 (TJ).
  • Renaissance Property Group, LLC, Madison, $7,371, Nonns Flooring, Inc., 9/8/11 (CL).
  • Royal Oak & Associates, Inc., Madison, $19,345, DWD, 9/28/11 (UC).
  • Schwa Development, LLC, Madison, $6,127,792, Anchorbank FSB, 9/2/11 (CV).
  • Silva, Maricruz, dba La Raza Grocery, Madison, $33,228, Alexco Co. LLP, 9/15/11 (CV).
  • Sleepy Valley Enterprises Inc., Oregon, $7,976, DWD, 9/30/11 (WC).
  • Total Awards & Promotions, Inc., aka AwardsMall/Total Awards & Promotions, Inc., Madison, $11,453, Ameritech Publishing, Inc., 9/27/11 (CV).
  • Triple H Home Builders, Inc., Fitchburg, $17,681, DWD, 9/7/11 (UC).
  • Victoria Auto, LLC, Madison, $12,161, Motor Parts & Equipment Corp., 9/6/11 (CV).
  • WJ Custom Homes, Sun Prairie, $4,075, Rainbow Insulators Inc., 9/16/11 (SC).
  • Zimmerman, John, dba Rooter Right Now, Madison, $46,501, Ameritech Publishing, Inc., 9/29/11 (CV).
  • Zimprich, Ciara, and Zimprich, Dan, dba Into the Woods, Madison, $40,799, Inland Companies, Inc., 9/27/11 (SC).
  • Zingg Landscaping, LLC, Verona, $4,149, DWD, 9/9/11 (UC).


(CL) Construction Lien: Claim on property for non-payment of work that improved the property.
(CV) Civil: Typically, lawsuits seeking claims in excess of $5,000; also such actions as restraining orders, appeals from municipal court and administrative agency decisions, name changes, etc.
(FJ) Foreign Judgment: A judgment or order of a court from a different state, a federal court outside WI, a municipal court of another county, or a tribal court; treated as if ordered by a WI circuit court.
(SC) Small Claims: Lawsuits seeking claims of less than $10,000, evictions, and replevin actions (the repossession of property).
(TJ) Transcript of Judgment: Judgment or order from another WI circuit court, a WI appellate court, a federal court in WI, or a municipal court in that county; treated as if ordered by the circuit court in the county where it's filed.
(UC) Unemployment Compensation: Warrant issued by WI DWD for an employer's failure to pay contributions, interest, or fees. Warrant has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.
(WC) Workers Compensation: Award issued by WI DWD. This award has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.


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