November 2009 Court Filings

Flings for Civil Money Judgments & Claims for Liens

Dane County businesses and employers with total judgments or liens of $2,000 and greater as listed in the November 2009 issue of In Business magazine. Listings include debtor, city, amount, creditor, date and type of case.

  • AJ Arnett Land & Development, LLC, Stoughton, $211,157, Monona State Bank, 9/23/09 (CV).
  • American Independent Movers, Inc., Madison, $10,175, Yellow Book USA, 9/1/09 (CV).
  • AMPAK WI, Inc., Fitchburg, $7,491, DWD, 9/2/09 (WC).
  • Best Defense Properties Waunakee, LLC DBA BDP Builders, Waunakee, $31,700, J.F. Ahern Co., 9/28/09 (CL).
  • BJK Construction, Inc., Cambridge, $5,504, DWD, 9/10/09 (UC).
  • BJK Construction, Inc., Cambridge, $9,151, Stock Building Supply LLC, 9/3/09 (CV).
  • Broadway Station, LLC, Cottage Grove, $19,994, Gypsum Supply Co., 9/2/09 (CL).
  • Broadway Station, LLC, Cottage Grove, $32,092, C N C Drywall Inc., 9/2/09 (CL).
  • Broadway Station, LLC, Madison & Cottage Grove, $33,225, Coyle Contract Partnership LLP, 9/2/09 (CL).
  • Broadway Station, LLC, Cottage Grove, $76,065, Steel Forms Construction, Inc., 9/15/09 (CL).
  • Cafe Montmartre, Inc., Madison, $4,556, R E Golden Produce Co., Inc., 9/9/09 (SC).
  • Chinmi, Inc., Madison, $11,836, First Equity Card Corp., 9/15/09 (CV).
  • CK Restaurants, Inc. DBA Country Kitchen, Madison, $13,350, Best Restaurant Equipment & Design, Inc., 9/28/09 (FJ).
  • CK Restaurants, Inc., Madison, $33,956, Fowler Company LLC, 9/28/09 (SC).
  • CKO Enterprises, Inc., Madison, $9,864, DWD, 9/2/09 (UC).
  • Corgiat Building Corporation, Middleton, $122,659, Middleton Community Bank, 9/24/09 (CV).
  • Countrywide Custom Homes, LLC, Stoughton, $403,749, Hartje Lumber, Inc., Joe Seep Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 9/21/09 (TJ).
  • Crews, April M AKA Janitorial Cleaning Services I, Sun Prairie, $6,836, DWD, 9/28/09 (WC).
  • Crews, Ralph AKA Janitorial Cleaning Services I, Sun Prairie, $6,836, DWD, 9/28/09 (WC).
  • Dairyland State Bank, McFarland, $5,120, Diversified Services, 9/14/09 (SC).
  • Diamond Plaster & Drywall, Inc., Cottage Grove, $96,733, Badgerland Supply, Inc., 9/30/09 (CV).
  • Diny's Jewelers, Inc., Middleton, $15,216, Prime Diam Co., LLC, 9/2/09 (CV).
  • Dream Makers Creations, Inc., Belleville, $2,587, Capital One Bank USA NA PKA Capital One Bank, 9/8/09 (SC).
  • Dwellers Focus, LLC DBA Focus Snow and Skate, Madison, $5,759, Brandbase, Inc. DBA Nomis & Technine, 9/15/09 (CV).
  • Earthscapes, Inc., Marshall, $8,942, DWD, 9/17/09 (UC).
  • Equity Homes of America, Sun Prairie, $3,494, Nelson Electric LLC, 9/4/09 (SC).
  • Four Star Family Restaurant, Madison, $21,446, State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, 9/14/09 (CV).
  • Friendz, LLC AKA Countri Tavern & Grill, Cambridge, $17,406, DWD, 9/8/09 (WC).
  • Homes By Davis, Fitchburg, $4,041, Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co., 9/22/09 (TJ).
  • HPS, Inc., DeForest, $9,462, Alerus Financial National Association, 9/3/09 (CV).
  • IBEX, Inc., Madison, $5,868, DWD, 9/17/09 (UC).
  • Industry Connection, Inc., Madison, $3,841, Ameritech Publishing, Inc. DBA AT&T Yellow Pages FDB SBC Yellow Pages, 9/28/09 (CV).
  • Jokipii Demolition, LLC, Marshall, $6,009, DWD, 9/21/09 (UC).
  • Jones, Dave DBA Triad Design/Build, Verona, $2,286, Lovelace Pump Company, Inc., 9/16/09 (SC).
  • Keystone Builders, Verona, $2,464, Meadowbrook At Pleasant Valley Homeowners Association, Inc., 9/30/09 (SC).
  • L & L Moving, LLC, Madison, $13,750, Ameritech Publishing, Inc. DBA AT&T Yellow Pages FDB SBC Yellow Pages, 9/28/09 (CV).
  • Lake Resources Group, Inc., Waunakee, $7,044, St. John Properties, Inc., 9/21/09 (TJ).
  • Laufenberg, Sarah DBA Level 8, Verona, $19,431, Kavanaugh Restaurant Supply, Inc., 9/18/09 (CV).
  • Mad Cat, Inc., Madison, $2,117, DWD, 9/28/09 (WC).
  • Mauston Home Center LLC, Verona, $210,609, United Hardware Distributing Co., 9/14/09 (FJ).
  • Middleton Glass & Window Co., Inc., $17,105, Dubuque Glass Co., Inc., 9/8/09 (CV).
  • Middleton Shores LLP, Madison, and Hartland Co., Inc., Verona, $172,693, American Builders & Contractors Supply Co., 9/28/09 (CV).
  • Mosel, Al DBA Mosel Transmission, Madison, $5,101, J&H Auto Supply, Inc., 9/17/09 (SC).
  • National Tower Service, Oregon, $5,385, J&H Auto Supply, 9/17/09 (SC).
  • Nelson, Eric DBA Great American Home Improvement, Stoughton, $1,805, RA Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., 9/14/09 (SC).
  • Nelson General Contractors, LLC, Stoughton, $9,244, ABC Supply Co., Inc., 9/30/09 (CL).
  • Nelson General Contractors, LLC, Stoughton, $15,950, Steel Forms Construction, Inc., 9/21/09 (CL).
  • Nelson General Contractors, LLC, Stoughton, $22,990, McCormick Lumber & Cabinetry, Inc., 9/23/09 (CL).
  • Nguyen, Bill M DBA Bills Auto and Truck Service, Verona, $3,500, Capital One Bank USA NA PKA Capital One Bank, 9/8/09 (SC).
  • Nguyen, William DBA Bill's Automotive and Truck Service, Madison, $18,439, American Family Mutual Ins. Co., 9/22/09 (CV).
  • Performance Engine & Machine, LLC, Middleton, $7,020, DWD, 9/05/09 (UC).
  • Quilt Forge, LLC, Stoughton, $6,244, DWD, 9/15/09 (UC).
  • Ron Olson Concrete, Inc., Black Earth, $20,887, Staley Concrete Company, Inc., 9/10/09 (CV).
  • Royal Concepts, Inc., Sun Prairie, $8,494, First Equity Card Corporation, 9/23/09 (CV).
  • S&S Landscapes, LLC, Stoughton, $9,765, TBF Financial LLC, 9/17/09 (CV).
  • Scheible, Joan M DBA Paws Ink, Madison, $9,981, Capital One Bank USA NA PKA Capital One Bank, 9/28/09 (CV).
  • Schutz Design & Construction, Inc., Madison, $3,832, Badger Display Signs Inc., 9/17/09 (SC).
  • Sign 1-1, Inc., Sun Prairie, $4,845, Group Health Cooperative, 9/3/09 (SC).
  • TEK Rom, Inc., Monona, $7,437, DWD, 9/25/09 (UC).
  • The Boyz, LLC DBA Tru Tavern & Grill, Cambridge, $31,797, Advanceme, Inc., 9/21/09 (CV).
  • Tres Amigos, Inc., Madison, $8,377, DWD, 9/16/09 (UC).
  • Trip Trak, LLC, Cottage Grove, $3,978, DWD, 9/28/09 (UC).


(CL) Construction Lien: Claim on property for non-payment of work that improved the property.
(CV) Civil: Typically, lawsuits seeking claims in excess of $5000; also such actions as restraining orders, appeals from municipal court and administrative agency decisions, name changes, etc.
(FJ) Foreign Judgment: A judgment or order of a court from a different state, a federal court outside WI, a municipal court of another county, or a tribal court; treated as if ordered by a WI circuit court.
(SC) Small Claims: Lawsuits seeking claims of less than $5,000, evictions, and replevin actions (the repossession of property).
(TJ) Transcript of Judgment: Judgment or order from another WI circuit court, a WI appellate court, a federal court in WI, or a municipal court in that county; treated as if ordered by the circuit court in the county where it's filed.
(UC) Unemployment Compensation: Warrant issued by WI DWD for an employer's failure to pay contributions, interest, or fees. Warrant has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.
(WC) Workers Compensation: Award issued by WI DWD. This award has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.