Noodles & Co. using Madison as test market

Blame it on the age of apps, Amazon, or drones, but the restaurant industry's latest version of “anything you can do, I can do better” might be reflected in new services offered by Noodles & Company.

At Madison locations, the national chain has introduced two new services, one for people who don’t want to leave the couch and another for people who prefer to order ahead for pickup.

The company’s noodle dishes can come straight to your door with its newly expanded DoorDash partnership, and those heading to a restaurant can skip restaurant lines by ordering online or through a Noodles rewards app and then stay in their cars and pick up their pre-ordered meals at the quick pick-up windows available at select Greater Madison locations: 6520 Monona Drive in Monona, and 3600 University Ave. in Madison.

Noodles & Company will offer DoorDash at 300 restaurants across the country, and the company chose Madison and Columbus, Ohio to test out the pick-up windows.