New statewide clean-energy coalition launches

On Wednesday, a broad-based group of climate, energy, environmental justice, and conservation organizations, businesses, and allies officially launched the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin (CECW).

The CECW seeks to leverage the combined strength of its members to enhance the quality of life of all Wisconsinites by accelerating the state’s transformation to a clean energy economy. Founding members of the coalition include:

  • Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE);
  • Audubon Great Lakes;
  • Clean Wisconsin;
  • Elevate;
  • The Nature Conservancy;
  • RENEW Wisconsin;
  • Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter;
  • Slipstream;
  • Wisconsin Conservation Voters;
  • Walnut Way Conservation Corp.;
  • Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action; and
  • Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association.

The coalition’s 2023 policy agenda is built on six core pillars that it sees as the tenets of a clean economy: healthy economy; environmental justice and infrastructure; carbon-free power; home and building repair; thriving landscapes; and next-gen transportation.