New Judge Doyle Square plan to reap significant savings

Changes to the proposed Judge Doyle Square project in downtown Madison could lower the estimated price tag from $174.2 million to roughly $147 million, and the amount of TIF required could be slashed from $47 million to $20 million. The two-block project would still require a public investment of $28.3 million, which would be funded mostly through parking fees generated on the site.

Meanwhile, a city negotiating team has proposed the deadline for the project be extended until May 1 to allow more time for the city to continue talks with developers.

In another development, David Lenz, chairman of the North Central Group, a developer whose proposal was not selected initially, wants the city to reopen the request for proposals process for Judge Doyle Square because the project currently under consideration has been drastically changed from the original plan. Lenz said his company would submit a new plan based on the new criteria.