New franchise at home in the work kitchen

A new Madison franchise owner believes there is a market for fast kitchen and bath remodeling service for commercial and residential space.

Kitchens and break rooms aren’t often the most inspiring space in an office environment, let alone the most aesthetically pleasing. To local resident and longtime interior designer Tracey Conner, sprucing up such space sounded like an inspired idea for a franchise, and she became the owner of a new Kitchen Tune-Up franchise for the Madison marketplace.

The brand promise of the Madison Kitchen Tune-Up franchise is to completely transform the look and feel of a home or commercial space in as little as one day, and Connor is counting on her design experience to make such transformations a reality.

Conner has 30 years of experience remodeling homes, including owning and operating her own interior design business for the past six years. Instead of continuing to own an independent business, Conner chose to partner with Kitchen Tune-Up and transition to franchise ownership, as it enables her to expand her service offerings and have the support of a 30-year-old national brand.

“My goal is to make kitchen and bath updates hassle-free for homeowners in the Madison area,” says Conner. “I want to show my neighbors that making a change in their environment can be fun and easy. They’ll enjoy the experience every step of the way, and will love their new kitchen, bath, or other area of their home, such as new closets, laundry rooms, or even garages. They will start dreaming of their next home improvement project the minute we finish.”

Commercial proposition

In addition to residential clients, Kitchen Tune-Up offers kitchen and bath remodeling for commercial customers. Services for both client bases include the company’s famous Tune-Up, a proprietary wood reconditioning process, as well as cabinet redooring, cabinet painting, cabinet refacing, custom cabinets, granite tune-ups and accessories.

Conner says she learned about Kitchen Tune-Up through an online search for the “Best Franchises for Under $100,000.”

“I believed that Kitchen Tune-Up offered a unique product group that would give Madison-area homeowners and businesses a faster, less disruptive, and less expensive remodeling experience than new cabinet installation, but with the same ‘new kitchen look,’” Conner notes.

Conner’s startup investment was $49,000, which she personally financed. Kitchen Tune-Up required a $9,000 deposit to secure Conner’s territory and get started in pre-training prior to the business opening, and Conner paid the balance at the start of the classroom training.

In order to prepare for opening her franchise, Kitchen Tune-Up trained Conner in its business system and products and services at the company’s home office in South Dakota for five days. Then Conner had 12 weeks of training through weekly webinars on various aspects of the business, as well as three additional days of training in Colorado during the company’s national reunion.

“Even after the 12 weeks, they continue to have weekly webinars, and they offer more training videos on specific areas on their site,” says Conner. “Additionally, whenever I have a question, they respond quickly and walk me through what I need to do. I have spent many hours going over marketing with the home office. For technical aspects of the actual remodeling process, I contact our specialist in that area. He has been invaluable.

“For computer questions, especially related to our new and incredibly efficient operating system, I have looked to specialists who helped to develop the operation,” Connor adds. “It is an incredible team of highly skilled and supportive personnel who do everything to help me to be successful.”



Time for a tune-up?

Before and after of a fast kitchen remodel from Kitchen Tune-Up.

While most kitchen remodeling services can take weeks, leaving kitchens inaccessible, Madison’s Kitchen Tune-Up can finish its work in as little time as one day, with refacing and redooring projects completed in as little as two to five days.

“Our unique wood reconditioning was created so that people who have cabinets that are worn or just look old and tired due to aging can make them look fresh and as close to new again,” explains Conner. “We fix scratches, small holes, water damage, etc. by using products specifically created for this purpose. It’s a unique way to make your cabinets look great without the mess or time involved in stripping and sanding, and it’s less expensive.”

In addition to its proprietary 1-Day Tune-Up, Kitchen Tune-Up offers cabinet refacing, redooring, painting, and full remodels including custom cabinetry and design. Services extend not only to kitchens and baths, but also laundry rooms, closets, garages, and any other area that has or needs cabinets. Organizers and accessories are offered with all services, and projects can even include tune-ups for countertops and backsplashes.

Commercial businesses, such as apartment complexes, can particularly benefit from the 1-Day Tune-Up, notes Conner. “It allows them to refresh the cabinets in one day, so that they can rent the apartment quickly after the prior tenant moves out. All businesses can benefit from our one- to five-day updates, due to the fact that they avoid the dislocation, mess, and time to have the cabinets updated. They can continue to operate their business with very little disruption.”

Conner currently employs a full-time project manager, a part-time technician, and a plumber, with an electrician available as needed. She’s also hiring a student who is in a work-study program part time.

“I am proud to be part of an esteemed company — one that has built its reputation on trust, top service, and amazing results,” adds Conner. “There isn’t another endeavor I’d rather be committed to professionally. I am as motivated as ever, and Kitchen Tune-Up is a major reason why.”

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