My 2016 business goals

From the pages of In Business magazine.

Merriam-Webster defines “resolution” as: the act of finding an answer or solution to a problem, or the act of resolving something. While I think resolutions — New Year’s or other kinds — are great, I prefer to use the word “goals.”

To me, goals are more focused on achieving something significant rather than solving a problem. With that said, here are my three most important professional goals for 2016:

  1. Listen more: Coming up through sales, I learned at an early age that listening is a very important skill set and one that many struggle with (myself included). Whether it’s at home with my family, with my employees at work, or simply listening to the needs of IB readers and advertisers, I need to improve my listening skills. It’s easy to assume you know someone’s needs, but unless you have the ability to listen, the result is a lot of wasted time and energy.
  2. Learn more: It’s very easy to get bogged down working in your craft, but how much time do you actually spend working on your craft? For me, working on my craft is one of the “luxuries” that I usually don’t have time for or don’t always create time for, yet it’s important to continue refining my publishing knowledge, leadership skills, etc. That’s why more diligence is required when allocating time for reading trade publications, attending publishing conferences, and seeking other learning opportunities.
  3. Connect more: Part of IB’s mission is to connect the greater Madison business community, so it’s always a focus of our print magazine, events, and online products. However, more can be done to make connections through our IB brand, whether it’s connecting with advertisers, readers, or the representatives of outstanding companies that make up this dynamic business community. So expect an even greater emphasis on connecting in 2016, which is well aligned with my first two goals because it brings the opportunity to listen and learn more about the opportunities and challenges confronting advertisers and readers within their own industries.

Perhaps one or more of my own goals (or resolutions) will resonate with you, as well, as we start the new year. I invite you to reach out to me at so we can connect, listen, and learn more about each other and the organizations we represent. Here’s to a great 2016!

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