More reasons to feel good about living in Madison

As I walked into the Radio Shack on Broadway, I had confidence I would be able to get what I needed: Some advice and a special cable for connecting a TV speaker system. I’ve always found Radio Shack to be a useful specialty store with knowledgeable salespeople. I wasn’t disappointed. The salesman knew exactly what I needed and explained my options for connecting it. And he was friendly as well as helpful.

I wasn’t sure what treatment to expect at my next stop, the Dane County Clean Sweep recycling center. The center’s website was informative, but more about rules and regulations than customer-friendliness. Sure enough, I was greeted with a sign informing me that they couldn’t (wouldn’t) accept any bill larger than a 20. I was expecting a scowling attendant to rummage through my drop-off of paint cans and insecticides and disallow certain items. But to my surprise (I’m now ashamed to admit) the attendant was informative and helpful. He helped me unload things and volunteered to lift an old battery for me so I wouldn’t get my shirt dirty.

On the way to the recycling center, I discovered my wipers were not up to the task of keeping a streak-free windshield, so I knew it was time to replace them. I was heading for an Octopus Car Wash, another establishment I have come to appreciate for its excellent customer service. Maybe they sell windshield wipers there, I thought. Sure enough, not only did I drive away with a clean vehicle but newly installed wipers as well. The folks at Octopus don’t have jobs that most of us would describe as “fun,” but they always seem to be friendly in an age when sullen looks are all too common from people who are paid to serve customers.



So after my errands, I had a good feeling about the state of customer service, at least as I had experienced it that morning. Maybe I can play a part in the future by expecting the best and treating salespeople with a smile. Can’t hurt.


And now here’s something else that makes me feel really good about Madison. The Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau just released this two-minute promotional video that I think is the best I’ve seen. Check it out by clicking here, and then share it far and wide.

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