Monona Bank Schenk’s Corner renovations complete

Monona Bank recently completed a total renovation of its historic Atwood Avenue (1965 Atwood Ave.) location. The renovation on the 1923 Frank Riley-designed, Greek revival-style building included a full modernization of the building’s rotunda and lobby, as well as the installation of multiple community conference rooms and a podcasting room.

Monona Bank also partnered with local business owners, Paul and Kim Schwoerer, who run two popular Madison-area businesses, Paul’s Pel’meni and Oasis Café, to operate the new in-lobby Rotunda Café coffee shop. The Rotunda Café is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Monona Bank President and CEO Paul Hoffmann states that, “Monona Bank wanted to keep, and respect, the historic elements of the building and incorporate them back into the design of the space.” Hoffman views this renovation as an opportunity to rethink how the future of banking is going to be done. “We wanted to make it as accessible and as interactive as we can for people, as well as provide a space for our community to work and socialize.” The renovation was part of the $1 million project designed by Melissa Destree and Jeremy Cynkar of Destree Design Architects.

The renovations included adding a community third space and podcasting room, as well as several conference rooms, all equipped with TVs with HDMI hookups, whiteboards, charging stations, printing station, and Wi-Fi. “There are a lot of work-at-home people in our Atwood neighborhood, who even prior to COVID were asking to use our space for off-site meetings,” Julie Redfern, executive vice president of operations states. “We believe the rotunda and community rooms will be coworking space for people who may not be big enough to have an office yet but want a professional space to conduct business.” The third space areas are open for users and are equipped with everything guests need to truly make this space their office away from home. The community space is available for use; however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, space maybe limited.

One of the favorite new spaces is the renovation of the bank’s room-size former vault into a conference room. LED light box walls surround the outside of the vault and highlight the original Mosler Safe Co. vault door. Inside the vault are two walls of original safe deposit boxes, creating a fascinating space to meet around a locally made circular ash wood table.