Max Lynch, Class of 2014

IB is celebrating 20 years of the 40 Under 40 in 2020, and will be catching up with past recipients to see what they’ve been up to since they were honored. This week features Max Lynch, CEO, Ionic.
Watn Max Lynch Headshot

What have you accomplished in your professional life/career since your 40 Under 40 selection?

We raised $18 million for Ionic and grew the company to 40 employees headquartered in Madison. We also added hundreds of large enterprise customers including Amtrak, Burger King, and Home Depot.

What accomplishments, milestones, or endeavors have you attained in your personal life since your 40 Under 40 selection?

I had two wonderful children and bought a home in Fitchburg. I’m definitely putting down roots here in Madison!

If you were to “do it all over again,” what (if anything) would you do differently throughout your career?

I don’t do regrets. Every failure and success I’ve had has been a learning experience that I know I couldn’t have gained any other way.

How did your 40 Under 40 selection help your career?

I developed closer relationships with other founders in Madison and helped get the word out about Ionic.

What is something that you have a new passion for since the time of your induction — either professionally or personally?

I became obsessed with film photography and found a wonderful community of film photographers here in Madison.

Based on your experience, do you have any advice for today’s young professionals (under 40)?

Always pick the opportunities that promise greater learning, even if the pay is worse. One day all that learning is going to be worth a lot more than that pay.

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