Mark Considine, Integral Building Systems

IB's Professional of the Week is the premier way to meet the state's professionals. This week features Mark Considine, strategic alliance manager for Integral Building Systems.

Name: Mark Considine
Title: Strategic Alliance Manager
Company: Integral Building Systems, Inc.
Business Address: 2222 Pleasant View Road, Ste. 1, Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-620-6085
Twitter: IBS_Incorporatd
Birthplace: Oconomowoc, Wis.
Spouse/Partner’s Name: Davida Considine
Board Membership: ASIS/sponsorship chairman
Organizations: Portage Youth Basketball/president

How long have you been at Integral Building Systems, and what is your day-to-day role in the organization?
I joined IBS in October of 2011 and am responsible for design engineering and sales of audio, video, and security systems.

Did you always want to work in sales?
I either wanted to be a schoolteacher like my mom, or my brother and I were going to take over Dad’s family farm. [However], when I first got into sales in 1988 and sold my first project, it was so gratifying to see that what I did helped others.

What is a long-range goal that you’d like to achieve before leaving your company?
I’ve always been fortunate to work for family businesses in sales and it would be awesome to help IBS grow in Wisconsin and become a company that was recognized as the leader in audio, video, and security systems in southern Wisconsin. For clients to tell others that the way IBS does our projects goes above and beyond, that our honesty and integrity is above reproach – those are some goals that I have before I leave IBS.

Who has influenced your career the most, and in what way?
My parents. They taught me the value of good hard work and being honest. I was raised on a farm and had 11 brothers and sisters. My parents did a great job of teaching me positive Christian values.

Your very first paycheck: From where, how much, and what did you do with it?  
My very first paycheck came from Dells Boat Co. in Wisconsin Dells, where I worked while in high school. I gave my mom half of it for driving me to and from work every day, as I wasn’t able to drive or own a car yet. The other half I put in the bank and saved to buy my first car when I turned 16. It was a 1973 Dodge Monaco, a huge car that could haul all my friends. Everyone thought I was pretty cool, even though it was an ugly yellow color. The car had electric windows, electric seats, A/C, AM/FM, and everything you could imagine on a 1973 model. It also went fast.

What do you do outside of work that brings you happiness or relaxation?
I am blessed to be married and raise four wonderful children and that is a full-time job, although my wife does most of the work. My wife’s name is Davida, our children are Nathaniel, Jaclyn, Kaitlin, and Moriah. Nathaniel is starting his senior year in college, Jaclyn is starting her sophomore year in college, Kaitlin is starting her freshman year in college, and Moriah is starting her sophomore year in high school. As a family, we enjoy boating in the summer. I also enjoy basketball, golf, and curling. I organize the Portage Youth Basketball program for boys and girls between third and sixth grades in Portage. I am a WIAA-certified referee of both basketball and volleyball – that also is very enjoyable to me, to be around sports that I enjoy. Golf and curling are both enjoyable, too, but I don’t find a great deal of time for those with my job and family.

Do you travel? Have a favorite destination to recommend?
While we don’t travel a great deal, my wife and I really enjoy the San Diego area. I have an aunt who lives there and the weather is always wonderful at between 70 and 80 degrees, never hot and never cold. There is also a ton to do.

Do you read for pleasure?
I don’t read a great deal, however the last book I completed was The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. After seeing the movie Courageous, I so wanted to read this book to change my life and others.

What character – in sports, the movies, or a book – would you most like to be identified with, and why?
I’m not sure this player is one that I’d most like to be identified with, however I most enjoyed watching Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers growing up. I enjoyed the way he was a leader on the court and enjoyed helping others look great. He was never the showboat kind of player who boasted about himself. He loved the game I love, and he played hard. He played the game the right way. He was unusual, as there weren’t many 6-foot 9-inch point guards at that time. Most said he would have to play a different position. He proved them wrong, and he was just a thrill to watch on and off the court. A true gentleman of the game. While I like college basketball on TV, I don’t care much for the NBA. However, I still enjoy listening to Magic from time to time.

We like to end our interviews with a small bit of whimsy, so we always ask our interviewees what three words they would choose to best describe themselves. And your words would be …
Dedicated, positive, honest.

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