Major firearms legislation is unlikely

Will Congress enact stricter firearms regulations? Not if a poll by The Daily Beast is on target. In the House, 238 oppose the proposed gun laws, 151 support, 15 are swing votes – and 28 are either confused or especially stealthy. Even if one adds the free swingers and the confused to the support column, further gun control loses 194 to 238. In the Senate, 49 outright oppose while 37 support, five swing, and eight are muddy.

Wisconsin’s delegation is six-to-three opposed to more gun laws with Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, afraid to show his shadow. Those opposed are Sen. Ron Johnson and Reps Reid Ribble, Sean Duffy, Tom Petri, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Paul Ryan – all GOPs. In favor are Sen. Tammy Baldwin, and Reps. Marc Pocan and Gwen Moore – all Dems.

Of all the spitballs directed at iron mining in Iron County, the weakest has to be that the mining jobs – projected to last 35 years – are “temporary.” Sheesh! LIFE is temporary. The second weakest: the environment will never recover. What? The environment always recovers! They built my Miata sports car in Hiroshima, Japan. (The little two-seater does glow, a little, at night.)

Has it really been two years since Walker “dropped the bomb” on public sector collective bargaining? I was present that day, Feb. 11, 2011, in his ornate Capitol conference room as he rolled out his changes, having already obtained most of the details and blogged them at my old stand. Was standing next to Sen. Fred Risser and (then) Rep. Mark Pocan, who were flabbergasted. My guess is they still are.


Not all corporations created equal. The Capital Times, a corporate entity, supports gelding the First Amendment to deny political speech to other voluntary organizations of individuals engaged in commerce.  But its editor sees no irony in cheerleading Dennis Kucinich’s “Shut [up or down?] the Chamber,” meaning WMC, for supporting Scott Walker. Yeah, they’re going to picket WMC’s annual gathering today at Monona Terrace. It’s what progs do.

Silver Linings Playbook wins Oscar for best writing. A great look at mental illness.

Good on Pope Benedict XVI for stepping aside for someone more vigorous. My money is on Tim Dolan, New York by way of Milwaukee, but waiting for the inside tip from Father Guido Sarducci, gossip columnist for L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper.

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