Madison wants employers IF they share Paul Soglin’s values

Do not read Blaska’s Bring It! blog if you take nitrates for chest pain.

Readers trying to decide who is the most anti-business, Scott Walker or the City of Madison, might linger a moment over Mayor Soglin’s hopes for the doomed Oscar Mayer plant. Chew over his quotation from Saturday’s Wisconsin State Journal. Masticate it well:

“If they do close the plant, one of our highest priorities is the adaptive reuse of the building with an owner that shares our goals and values,” Soglin said in an interview. “The thing is we don’t want the building stripped and cannibalized and we want it controlled by those who are operating a business model compatible with our values.”

“Shares our values”! Twice that reference in as many sentences. By which he means, the mayor’s values. In other words, no Koch Brothers in The Emerald City. No DeVos, no Ricketts (TD Ameritrade), no Bradleys, no WMC members, no Republicans — no matter how many vegan, low-cholesterol, gluten-free, locally sourced, fair trade, heart healthy, smokeless, gay-friendly soy burger makers they hire.

If blue-collar manufacturing even fits the profile of The Emerald City any more. (Just look at the bully ragging Madison-Kipp has endured at the hands of the city.)

Share Paul’s values? Maybe the Castro brothers?

Paul Soglin’s inner autocrat is back in play. Recall that two and a half years ago he sought to write into city ordinance an accounting of a company’s political associations to determine whether the city should do business with them.

Bring It! recounted at the time how Soglin “[was] wondering if companies supporting Republican causes would rather lobby against the city or do business with it. He’s betting that exposing such activities might prompt some companies to curtail them. If they’re supplying the city while they’re behaving like the Koch brothers, it would be good for the public to know it.”

Under Soglin, Madison is open only to good libs like Warren Buffet. What? Oh, wait …

For safe neighborhoods, back Mid-Town police station

The four major neighborhood associations on Madison’s Southwest side are turning out in force Tuesday night before the Common Council to support construction of a Mid-Town Police Station at 4018 Mineral Point Road, now occupied by the vacant Mount Olivet Church, and an adjacent house. That $6.4 million station would anchor a new, sixth police district. It would relieve the seam-bursting West District, headquartered on McKenna Boulevard, which:

  • Is the largest of the five police districts;
  • Serves one-third of Madison’s total population;
  • Handles 31% of the crime; and
  • Was built to accommodate 58 police employees, but now houses nearly 100. 

Chief Mike Koval cites the U.S. Department of Justice metric that Midwest cities of 250,000 population average 2.5 police officers per 1,000 inhabitants. Milwaukee is at 3.1 per 1,000, Racine 2.5, Madison 1.8.

“The number one job of city government is to protect the public. This means giving police the facilities, staff, and tools to do the best job possible,” Meadowood neighborhood leader Dave Glomp told me.

Mid-Town is Amendment #29 to the 2016 Capital Budget. However, Mayor Soglin proposes a honking big study, the ultimate stall tactic. He is the sole sponsor of Amendment #31, stating “prior to the construction of Mid-Town Police Station, a comprehensive analysis will be carried out reviewing staffing levels, district boundaries, and demand for police services in the city of Madison. This review will also examine policing levels in the city of Madison compared to comparable peer cities.” Etc., etc.

The public hearing starts at 5:45 p.m. Nov. 10 in Room 201 of the City-County Building. Be there early to register to speak in favor of #29 and opposed to #31.



Rust never sleeps

No sooner did liberals redefine marriage after how many millennia than they’re integrating boys and girls’ locker rooms. Barack Obama’s Education czars re-energized social conservatives with its diktat at that a Palatine, Ill., high school must allow boys into the girls’ room if said boy “identifies” as transgender. Thank you for re-energizing the social conservative base, Mr. President.

But wait, there’s more! “Couple seeks right to marry. The hitch? They’re legally father, son.” (No, not the Onion nor a supermarket tabloid, but CNN.)

Quote of the Week #1: “There was nothing small about Fred Thompson, not his voice, nor his love for his family or his country. He was a big man who lived consequentially. … Many times we would sit on the porch of my house, the ‘drinking porch,’ we would call it, and save cigars from communism. … He cared about freedom and how we were losing it under a president he pegged as “George McGovern, without the experience.’” — Alex Castellanos at CNN.

Quote of the Week #2: “I don’t know what women in New York do. Probably see a therapist or get on meds. I got my AK-(47) and a T-shirt that [says], ‘I’m Out of Estrogen and I have a Gun.’” —“Sweet Home Mississippi,” Sunday New York Times.

Friday: President Obama blocks the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing environmental concerns. Saturday: A train derails just north of Alma, Wis., on the Mississippi River, spilling ethanol. Sunday: Another train carrying crude oil derails in Watertown, leaking oil. The B! Blogge reports, you decide.

Quick, more free stuff: Continuing the "Women as Victims" meme of the Democrat(ic) party, State Rep. Melissa Sargent, D–Madison, is circulating proposed legislation that requires restroom facilities in buildings owned, leased, or occupied by the State of Wisconsin to have tampons and sanitary napkins free of charge. "It is imperative that our society address the stigma, and parity surrounding feminine hygiene,” says the tribune of strong women everywhere.

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