Madison liberals will protest the city they have created and governed

Who knew? Madison — a city governed by liberals, progressives, and socialists for the past 40 years — does not have enough regulations to contain the bloodlust of its police! At least, so those self-same rulers say.

If you believe that, you are hereby sentenced to read those self-same operating procedures broken down into 37 chapters (including Stop and Frisk, Use of Deadly Force, and Police Weaponry).

Meanwhile, Dane County’s very liberal district attorney is deliberating whether to charge malfeasance in the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by a white Madison police officer. He has time to examine the report assembled by a neutral third party, the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Time that Officer Matt Kenny did not have.

The bet here is that Democratic DA Ismael Ozanne, himself a man of color, will bring no charges — for no crime was committed. However, as a political sop in race-jihadist Dane County, he will call for an exhaustive review of police practices. The City of Madison is headed in the same direction: Form a task force, burden it with paper, hold many listening sessions. Months later, issue a thick report. Call for a tweak here or there, by which time it’s deer-hunting season.

That won’t be enough for Al Sharpton understudy Brandi Grayson or her Young, Gifted and Black revolutionaries.

At the March 17 Madison City Council meeting, Grayson shouted, “We know the facts, and when they come out this city will erupt. This city will effing erupt and the blood and whatever takes place after that is on your hands and the mayor’s hands.” (Some of my more gullible and anonymous critics are wont to call such provocation a “prediction.”)

Brandi and Young and Foolish will take to the streets, joined by County Supervisor Leland Pan, Ald. Marsha Rummel, and other Madison progressives who will protest the city they have created and governed these 40 years. That much we already know. The question is, to what degree will normal commerce be disrupted and property damaged?

We will know a decision is imminent when Madison police, the sheriff’s department, and UW police cancel all leave. Gov. Walker will have the National Guard on standby; my guess is he’ll leave Madison to stew in its own juices.

To say that Young and Foolish is only “predicting” blood in the streets is self-deceiving. Of course, it’s always “one or two” spoilsports who actually take to heart the overheated rhetoric. (“Burn the bitch down,” anyone?)

White police officer is guilty until proven innocent

To this point, the city’s opinion leaders have been profiles in cowardice. Not the newspapers nor the TV talking heads nor our elected officials have urged restraint and respect for the law.

Only one profile in courage. He is Greg Humphrey, gay marriage advocate, former staffer for a Democratic legislator. He resides on the isthmus, only blocks from the incident, in the heart of progressive right thinking, in the belly of the beast. He writes at Caffeinated Politics:

This city is heading towards [spending] tax dollars to fund a new task force on police practices. Perhaps there is room for improvement, but I sense there is more a desire to show the city has heard the loudest voices and wishes to look pro-active in time for the decision that the district attorney will make regarding the shooting. …

There has been a lack of speaking to the role that personal responsibility plays not only in the lives of individuals but how that then impacts the city as a whole. … What we really need is to implement the guidelines of personal responsibility that our grandparents employed. It worked for our parents.

That is not the progressive way. Personal responsibility, according to that creed, is white privilege-speak for “blame the victim.” Individuals are not responsible for their own actions, the Marxist primer states. People are “the masses” subject to large, impersonal forces. Only an all-wise government populated by experts can decide what is in our own best interests.

People like former Ald. Brenda Konkel. The doyenne of Progressive Dane is continuing her vendetta against the police with almost nonstop criticism of Police Chief Mike Koval. It’s the same vendetta that prompted the police union to take out billboards promoting her defeat to Bridget Maniaci six years ago.     



Brenda Konkel assures anxious progressives that she is “working on recommendations, reading 450 pages of policy manual, code of conduct and standard operating procedures, but it will take some time for some well thought out recommendations but we can start with WARN PEOPLE BEFORE YOU SHOOT. That was removed sometime in the last 10 years.”

Brenda is wrong about that, as she is so much else.

One of her readers at Forward Lookout suggests, “What is an officer … supposed to do when he is physically attacked if he doesn’t have backup? At what point is it OK to fight back and how should he determine whether his life is at risk or not?” Answer: It’s covered in the existing regs.

If Madame Brenda wants warnings, let’s issue this one, bolstered by citywide billboards: “Don’t attack a cop; you might get shot.”

Trigger warnings — Sunday’s New York Times carries responses to its critique of university “safe zones” and “trigger warnings” of controversial topics. One respondent is Anne McClintock, professor of gender and women’s studies at UW-Madison: “Yes, I give trigger warnings and try to make my class a safe space. … I wonder how [the author] would deal with a student triggered into a major panic attack. Or a student whose friend was murdered by a cop.”

“Cop murder!” Who knew that UW lecture pits are jam-packed with friends of cop murder victims?!

Blaska’s Trigger Warning — We send our police into dangerous situations to deal with dangerous, unpredictable people. No police chief or sheriff wants martyrs; his sworn officers will protect themselves at all costs.

This week’s ‘crimes of poverty’

•  A bullet fired from one car at another car went through a third party’s car window shortly after noon on Friday in the 1800 block of South Park Street. Police attributed the shooting to a dispute between people in two other vehicles. No one was injured.

•  Shots were fired in the 7100 block of Carnwood Road on the city’s southwest side about 5 a.m. Saturday; police found spent shell casings but no suspects.

•  A Fond du Lac bank robber shot and killed two men, including police officer Trevor Casper. If he robbed a bank, he must have needed the money, right?

Go Big Red — What amazes me most about those amazin’ Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA basketball tournament is how they never panic. This fan keeps a set of defibrillator paddles and a bottle of nitro pills nearby.

Quote of the week comes from struggling young writer Christian Schneider: “Democratic attacks against Walker for being out of state are particularly difficult to digest. One doesn’t need too long of a memory to remember Senate Democrats actually fleeing the state …”

Marching orders: Tired of Paul Soglin Senior versus Paul Soglin Junior? Write in Mike Koval for mayor of Madison on Tuesday, April 7. (Authorized and Paid for by Blaska Police Research Werkes, Raoul Koch, treasurer.)

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