Looking for more good liars

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Before I ask you to tell a lie to me, here’s a housekeeping note: Regarding the “Madison Icon” contest – it’s still being judged. The Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is handling the handoff to an outside judging entity, was a little preoccupied with Ironman, etc., so stay tuned for news of that in our November issue. It wasn’t forgotten by anyone – just set aside momentarily.

Meanwhile, I’m formalizing another IB offering, which is the IB Liar’s Club. It’s comprised of folks who have done the “Dinner with Jody & Lisa (Nelson)” evening, wherein they share with a group of strangers two truths about themselves, and one lie. It’s the group’s challenge to figure out which is the lie.

Lisa Nelson is the public affairs director for Wal-Mart, so lots of people want to meet her. (One of her responsibilities and delights is overseeing some foundation grants.) She’s also been a political campaign manager, and has over 25 years of service in as an Army band member, through her enlistment in the National Guard. This mother of four is someone you really want to meet, because she’s honestly all that and a bag of chips.

Likewise, she wants to meet more of you individually, with time set aside to get to know you better.

Lisa and I agree that, as a collective, you people are excellent liars. I must add, truth be told, that I’ve stymied a few groups myself with a straight face. It’s all in good, clean fun, and we wind up knowing a LOT about each other in the process!

As a result, the individual groups that have already met with us each want to redo the experience with other groups, so we’re going to offer an IB Introductions early next year (this one by invitation only) for those who are officially indoctrinated into the IB Liar’s Club. Then we will post all of the lies and truths on our website, and our greater readership can try to match the tales with the tale tellers. So get ready for some inspiring and also wacky, weird, and wild stories.

If you’d like to lie to Lisa and I and a handful of strangers, consider signing up to join an evening of fun and frolic at an area restaurant. You’ll buy your own dinner/drinks, but the upside is that you’ll meet a dozen other folks you’d probably never network with by attending more formal, rule-clad events. And, attending such a dinner with us is your ticket to an equally unpredictable Liar’s Club event in January 2012. To join us for an upcoming networking opportunity, email my assistant, Shirley Wright, at Shirley@ibmadison.com.

As our fame has spread, Wisconsin’s former first lady Sue Ann Thompson has asked to host an upcoming dinner at her home, and we also are now being solicited by area restaurants to bring our little parties to their locales, since we have a reputation of (1) being a fun group of (2) good tippers. If you feel you’d fit in, get on our list today and choose from upcoming dates and venues. You bet your sweet @$$ (anybody out there still a card-carrying Turtle like me?) that this is the club to join today.

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