Looking beyond the ghosts of resolutions past

“We are always equal to what we undertake with resolution.” Thomas Jefferson wrote this in a letter to his daughter Martha on March 28, 1787.  Martha must have needed some help keeping her New Year’s resolutions, much like many of us.   

Every Jan. 1, people ring in the new year with lists of goals that we know won’t make it to Jan. 31. Some of these won’t survive until the 15th. Wiser (not older) mentors tell us to make only resolutions that we intend to (and can) keep, even though that might make for a short list.   

One of the items on my short list this year is to quit being the “Queen of Multitasking.” I’ve learned that as much as I’ve bragged about being able to do multiple things at once, my concentration level isn’t the same when I’m juggling more than one ball in the air. So this year, my top goal is to say no to things that distract me from tasks that require total concentration.

Also on my short list are the following:

  • Encourage team members to take advantage of continuing education opportunities so they can hone the skills and talents they have and/or learn new skills.   
  • Provide opportunities for staff members to teach each other what they know and what they have learned. I’m of the opinion that we can learn just as much (sometimes in very interesting ways) from being the teacher as we can from being the student.
  • Make sure that every team member has opportunities for promotion and advancement.
  • Continue to provide a good space to work and all the appropriate equipment needed to perform at peak efficiency.
  • Remember to praise and appreciate every team member. Who should know to do this more than someone in the recognition and appreciation industry?



This year, I don’t want to focus on the ghosts of resolutions past. Rather, I resolve to keep on top of all my priorities to ensure that we reach both our short- and long-term goals. This year, I will visit my resolutions on a regular basis to make sure we’re staying on track to achieve the desired results.    

I remember reading once that “if it isn’t in writing, it’s not a goal.” Well here are my goals … in writing … in public. I can’t back down now.   

Here’s to all of us accomplishing our resolutions — and here’s to a happy and prosperous new year for all those in business.

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