Lodgic aims to be a coworking space for the COVID world and beyond

Madison’s newest coworking venue provides workspace, food and drink, child care, and meeting space.

Since March, the need for a dedicated coworking space for independent professionals and entrepreneurs has likely been trumped by the desire for more safety and security as the COVID-19 pandemic griped the nation. Home may not always be the ideal work environment, but it’s been the one that made the most sense.

However, with many area schools looking to restart virtually or in a hybrid virtual/in-person fashion in just over a month, and day care slots at a premium, it’s understandable that working parents might be a little leery of once more juggling work, home, and school, all day, every day.

It’s into this environment that a new kind of coworking space made its Madison debut earlier this summer, albeit an introduction that was delayed a couple months by COVID.

Lodgic Everyday Community was created as a new concept to do more of what the fraternal organization Moose International has been doing since 1888.

“Moose International has been supporting communities, inspiring working families, and caring for at-risk children for more than 100 years,” says Cheryl Farr, CEO of Lodgic. “Lodgic is an all new way for a new generation to participate in the timelessly good things we’ve always stood for — to work hard, take care of each other, and have fun.”

As the needs of families have evolved, Lodgic Everyday Community was developed to support the modern family through hospitality-forward services across four lines of business, all of which can be found at the Madison Lodgic Everyday Community space located directly off the bike path in the Village of Shorewood Hills off University Avenue.

While there, professionals will find hospitality-forward coworking at Lodgic Workplace, modern comfort food and drink offered at Everyday Kitchen, flexible child care through Kids Camp, and on-site meeting and event space all under one roof.

“The Lodgic philosophy is to ‘do a little good everyday’ as we strive to support individuals and families in achieving their goals,” explains Farr. “We aim to foster an environment that brings people together to shape a better future as individuals, professionals, small business owners, and families. We strive to make Lodgic a place where people can be authentically themselves, without sacrifice. Here you are able to move easily between work, life, and family, in a healthy way.”

Lodgic Workplace specifically aims to serve:

  • Independent professionals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who are looking to restore a sense of community by having a dedicated workspace that eliminates the distractions and headaches of day-to-day office management that so often bogs down independent professionals and growth-oriented small businesses.
  • Parents who are looking to reestablish the line between life and work. With on-site licensed child care, parents are able to trust that there is a safe and enriching place for their children to experience high-quality, curriculum-based care while also having undivided time to focus on themselves and their work.
  • Members of the medical community who benefit from 24/7 secure access to a safe and distraction-free environment to focus on their work and studies.

Lodgic was originally intended to open on April 1, but a global pandemic proved to be no laughing matter and put those plans on hold while the staff at Lodgic implemented new procedures to ensure a safer workspace in the new COVID world. The facility officially opened to the community on June 24.

“Due to COVID, we were forced to rebuild processes and procedures to adapt to the new way of living, though we truly saw this as a way to ultimately better serve the Madison Community,” notes Farr.

The ultimate goal of delivering hospitality-focused service while supporting its nonprofit mission has not changed, Farr states, but where adjustments have been made are mainly reflected in the capacity limitations, pivoting to a more delivery and takeout-focused model in the Everyday Kitchen, adjusted hours and procedures in Lodgic Kids Camp, an absence of community events in the dedicated events space, and ensuring that thorough COVID precautions plans are followed to ensure the safety of our community.

“Though opening and operations may look slightly different than originally envisioned, we are here for the long haul to earn the trust of the community,” says Farr. “In many ways, we have found that Lodgic has addressed the needs of the community more effectively than ever in response to COVID through the power of adjacencies — providing the flexibility that working professionals and families need, all while creating a sense of community in a safe environment.”

Notably, as the work environment has changed for many professionals, Lodgic is aiming to help reestablish the balance between work and life by offering best-in-class business support services in an environment and community that inspires and supports clients in this time of isolation.

All Lodgic Workplace members enjoy secure 24/7 access, two private outdoor patios, and a full suite of first-class amenities including:

  • Bottomless artisan coffee service;
  • Grab-and-go nutrition with individually packaged snacks made in our kitchen;
  • Direct-to-desk food and beverage service offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails delivered directly to your office or meeting space through your personal mobile device;
  • Members-only privileges including 10% off on all food and beverage purchases;
  • High-speed, members-only fiber wireless network;
  • Electric sit-stand desks (in most offices) with ergonomic office chair;
  • Private phone and video booths;
  • Generous meeting room hours, bookable online;
  • State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and technical support;
  • Free color and black-and-white printing;
  • General office supplies;
  • Mailboxes and/or disinfected mail and package service to your desk or office;
  • Private wellness room with refrigerator, soft seating, and pull-up desk;
  • Accessible showers in workplace restrooms;
  • Single-use toiletries provided;
  • Adjacent to the commuter bike path;
  • Underground, weather-protected parking and bicycle storage (first come, first serve); and
  • Exterior bicycle racks.

“Specifically, for working parents we understand that there is a need for resources that support various family structures and the new work-school-life balance,” Farr notes. “Some workers may not be able to be home with their children during traditional school hours and Kids Camp offers a solution that allows parents to flex when their kids are in child care. By providing flexible extended hours, it helps families to develop a work-life schedule that works for them.”

Given the new climate that everyone is functioning in as a result of COVID-19, Farr says Lodgic recognizes that it must establish trust with its customers on a level that may not have previously been required. A number of COVID-specific health and safety precautions have been put in place, including:

  1. Lodgic’s sanitization services partner providing hospital-grade, electrostatic disinfection throughout the facility on a daily basis;
  2. Requiring employees to use extreme caution and stay home if they are not feeling well, and educating employees on preventative measures provided by the CDC;
  3. Face coverings and adherence to social distancing are required for staff members, as well as a daily temperature check;
  4. Staff performs a sanitizing wipe down of all work surfaces every 30 minutes;
  5. All workspaces and surfaces are clearly labeled as a safe space after sanitization; and
  6. Limited capacity and reconfiguration of workspaces to allow for proper social distancing.

“Our space is meant to adapt to the needs of each patron with flexible options and no long-term commitments required so each person can find their place to flourish, elevate their work environment, and enjoy an all-inclusive experience as the needs of their work and family change over time,” concludes Farr.

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