Let us help you put words into action — NOW

From the pages of In Business magazine.

You’ve heard the saying “talk is cheap,” right? As businesspeople, we all talk about what we want to do with our businesses or with our careers, and I’m sure we all have internal meetings where we talk about new ideas and put strategic plans in place to carry out those ideas. But how effective is your business at actually executing all of these great ideas or strategies? Are you consistently running into roadblocks as you attempt to take these visions and turn them into realities?

Most small- to medium-sized businesses face these challenges on a daily basis. Indeed, you’re not alone if you could use some help turning talk into action.  

With all of this in mind, I’m thrilled to announce some very exciting news regarding our 5th annual IB Expo and Conference on Oct. 21. This full-day business expo kicks off with a keynote presentation from the brilliant business consultant and author Sam Geist, whose topic is “Execute or Be Executed.”  

Business success is not dependent on strategy alone. It also relies on the ability to implement those ideas effectively and to put plans into motion immediately to achieve success. As he shares with us 21 ways to move strategic thinking into strategic action — today! — Geist will draw on his own experiences as a former owner of a national sporting goods chain and as a president of a marketing/consulting firm.

The word “today” is a very important one for this year’s expo, as our theme is “kNOWledge,” with the emphasis, of course, on the word NOW. Companies today must adapt to the change that is happening all around them and implement new initiatives immediately to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We’ll be unveiling more details about the expo in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned. Our goal is for everyone to leave the expo on Oct. 21 with the necessary skills and resources to innovate, to grow, to succeed — today.  



Registration for this year’s expo is NOW open. To register, go to MadisonBusinessExpo.com (you can also get updated information about all of the expo activities while you are there).

The only paid event going on during the day is Geist’s keynote presentation, which runs from 8:30 to 10 a.m. The rest of the expo is free to attend. However, we are currently running an “early bird” special for the keynote presentation, which is $25 per ticket, or you can purchase a table of eight seats for just $150 (a $50 savings). “Early bird” tickets are available through Aug. 31; after that date, the keynote ticket fees will go up.

So turn the talk into action and reserve your keynote tickets NOW!

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