Lending up 9.6% at state-chartered credit unions in 2015

Lending grew by 9.6% at Wisconsin’s 150 state-chartered credit unions in 2015 compared to 2014, according to data released by the state Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).

In the 12 months ending December 31, 2015:

  • Total loans were $22.2 billion, up from $20.2 billion as of year-end 2014.
  • Assets grew to $28.7 billion, a 9.3% increase from 2014.
  • Net worth increased to $3.1 billion, a 10.2% increase from 2014.
  • The percentage of loans in delinquency dropped to 0.81% from 0.97% in 2014.

The total number of state-chartered credit unions declined by 10 in 2015, continuing an industry trend toward fewer, larger credit unions.

A full report on the 2015 performance of state-chartered credit unions will be available on the DFI website, WDFI.org, by the end of February.