Legislature fast-tracking right-to-work bill

Gov. Scott Walker has called right-to-work legislation a “distraction,” but now it appears that the Legislature, led by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, will schedule an extraordinary session next week to vote on the bill, according to conservative website Right Wisconsin, which broke the news.

In a Feb. 20 interview with Charlie Sykes on Milwaukee’s WTMJ radio, Fitzgerald said he has the 17 votes needed to move the bill forward, and Walker administration spokesperson Laurel Patrick has said the governor will sign it if it lands on his desk.

An extraordinary session can be called without the governor’s involvement, and Fitzgerald plans a midweek vote on the bill, even as Walker travels on a presumed presidential campaign junket to New York; Washington, D.C; and Florida. “The theory is when you have the votes, you gotta go,” Fitzgerald said.